Alcohol Disinfecting Solution

filling alcohol disinfectant
filling alcohol disinfectant

Alcohol Disinfection is the killing of infectious agents outside the body by direct exposure to chemical or physical agents.

filling alcohol disinfectant

If you are filling this products, and workshop is noo big, this magnetic pump filling line is by far the easiest and most cost-effective solution. 

This liquid filling line including filling, capping, induction sealing and round bottle labeling machine.

Here our mainland customer production video as below:


>Filling head:4heads

>Max flow rate: 5500ml/min、

>Filling speed:20-40pcs/min、

>Filling accuracy:±1% ( based on water)

>Power supply:220V-50HZ/110V-60HZ

>Size of air compressor connector:OD 8mm

>Capping machine:accept cap feeder customize

>Whole line length:350-380cm

>Induction sealing diameter:30-60mm  

Key Benefits

1:Magneti pump, PLC control

2:Bottle Filling Nozzles with anti-dripping function

3:each nozzle can be used to fill different liquid at the same

4:0 – 1500ml typical fill range

5:316 stainless steel pump can use for hot temperature liquid fill.


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