All About Perfume Bottle Vacuum Filling Filler Machine

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Modern enterprises that require bulk filing cannot employ manual filling techniques since doing so would take a long time and risk spilling or wasting goods. Another difficulty arising from the manual filling methods is consistency in the filling of the bottles. As a result, specialized equipment known as liquid filling filler machines is used. Industrial liquid-filling machines are typical parts of machinery that are fundamental to the beverage industry’s manufacturing line. These filling machines can be used for a variety of bottled beverages, including water, juices, wines, and beer.  The filling of floral waters, perfumes, and other water-based substances is also filled with the help of a perfume-filling machine. In this article, we talk about Perfume Bottle Vacuum Filling Filler Machine.

What is Vacuum Filling Filler Machine?

Machines used for filling of vacuum liquids into bottles are called vacuum filling machines. This machine uses set liquid levels and vacuum filling to avoid varying levels brought on by the thickness of each container’s bottom. They can efficiently decrease expenses because of their many characteristics.

Vacuum-filling machines employ vacuum pumps to extract viscous items from a tank or via a hopper. The product is then metered out and dispensed into hard containers by the equipment, either by a nozzle or a portioning feature.

Vacuum-filling machines extract items from a tank or hopper into a prepared container, often a tin, pouch, or bottle, using vacuum pumps. Their main responsibility is to fill containers so that they are ready for transit, secondary packing, storage, and sealing.

Topcnfilling Machinery is a manufacturer and trader specializing in the research and development and production of packaging machines. We manufacture Vacuum Filling Filler Machine of high quality.


Our perfume bottle vacuum-filling filler’s model number is TSFM-04D. This machine is semi-automatic. It has a 5-500ml filling capacity. For this machine, a bottle height of around 300mm is appropriate. The bottle hole has a minimum diameter of 4.5mm and a maximum diameter of 20mm. it can fill  15 to 30 bottles filled every minute. This machine could have 1 or 2 filling heads.  This machine uses 0.4Mpa of air pressure. If the machine has one head, it weighs 25 kg, but if it has two, it weighs 35 kg. The machine has dimensions of 280x350x600mm.  It has a 5.5L/min suction speed. This machine has a 220V/50Hz power supply.


This machine has a full pneumatic control system, making it ideal for filling containers of various sizes and high foam materials. The design idea behind this machine is created by our company is by applying more pressure to the filling head, the vacuum generator creates a partially sealed environment in the reflow liquid bottle and filling container. The filling process is thus accomplished by creating a partial vacuum (negative pressure) through vacuum suction. This machine is the ideal because it can achieve the best filling speed and result after being practically configured for the filling container size.


This filling machine is designed for perfume and cosmetic products, using a  Vacuum Equal Liquid Level filling system, make sure perfume bottles and other cosmetics bottles are on the same liquid level after filling, and also suitable for filling other liquids products.

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