American customer bought automatic bottle cartoning machine


Our regular customers from America placed the order on 1 cartoning machines: TPCM model

For the products produced by customers, we must understand their bottle packaging details, including bottle size, foled caron dimension and other related sizes and shapes, so that the machine and customers’ products can get the best compatibility and adaptability.

After we receive customers samples and confirm details, we take 30 days to finish machine and finish taking adjusting videos to help customers how to operate the machine.


As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between TOPCN

Purchased order issued &Key communiction points During Business Discussion:

Samples sent from customers in America

Here below is customer transaction data 

Testing videos on model TPCM cartoning machine for bottle:

Function instruction of the bottle cartoning machine

how to adjust the bottle sensor of cartoning packing machine

how to operate cartoning machine for bottle and how to turn off bottle feeding function

Work flow of this machine:
1. The carton will be sucked by the vacuum box sucking device on the carton infeed mechanism,
and it will be fed into the mould of the star wheel, then the bottom cylinder will fold the small
bottom flaps.
2. Print the batch number on the carton.
3. Put the product into the carton.
4. The rotary cylinder coupling with the flap folding rod on the flap folding mechanism1 will fold
the small top flaps.
5. When the carton goes into this station, the flap blocking cylinder on the flap folding
mechanism2 will block the big flap, the flap folding cylinder will fold the big flap into the carton,
then the flap pressing cylinder will flatten the big flap.
6. When the carton goes to this station after flap folding finished, the box pushing cylinder will
push the finished product out of the star wheel.

Bottle cartoning machine performance technical parameters:

Packing speed: 20-40 boxes/min (according to box size)
Maximum size of carton: 200*80*80mm
Minimum size of carton: 45*20*20mm
Motor power: 1/4HP 15:1
Power Type: Single-phase 220V 50/60HZ
Machine noise: ≤80dB
Air source: 0.5-0.8 Mpa
Air consumption: 150L/min
Dimensions: L 1400 x W 900 x H 1450 mm
Machine weight: 250Kg

Cartoning packing machine equipment dimension drawing

automatic bottle cartoning machine package

Package demension:176*106*173(CM)
cartoning machine for bottle G.W:385Kg


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