Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

About Product

The reliance on technology is undeniable in the 21st century. Innovative technology enables folks to complete work quickly and effectively. One product of advanced technology is filling machinery. Different industries deal with various liquid-content items and each and every product with liquid content needs to be filled properly and in the correct volume. Automatic filling machines are handy in filling liquid content in exact volumes accurately in a short period. This article is all about automatic filling machines.

Topcnfilling Machinery is a liquid filling machine wholesaler and supplier. Topcn filling manufactured Automatic liquid filling machine. This machine is mostly used in industries for liquid-content products such as shampoo, gels, juice liquid soap, etc.

The main components of the automatic filling machines are bottle sensors, PLC control, a conveyor, a 316 magnetic pump, and a lifting cylinder.


The automatic liquid filling machine’s model number is TLFM-M4. The power supply frequency is 50–60 Hz, and its supply voltage ranges from 110–220 V. The machine’s maximum flow velocity is 5500 ml/min which is based on water and each nozzle. Its working speed is 20-30 bottles/min (based on 50-1000ml filling volume). The machine’s air pressure ranges from 0.3 to 0.4 MPa. the diameter of its filling nozzle is 6/8mm. Its filling volume ranges from 5 to 1500 ml. It fills liquid accurately as its filling accuracy rate is ≤±1%(for water). Its air compressor connector is OD8mm in size. The machine’s gross weight is about 70 kg.

How does it work?

PLC control is a touchscreen system that set the volume of liquid and filling time. Containers and bottles are passed on the belt of the conveyor. The conveyor transfer bottles or containers that are needed to be filled. Bottle sensors automatically detect the passing through bottles and send the signal back to the system, making sure it fills liquid automatically and will not miss any bottles. Its nozzles are derived by lifting cylinders that enable them to fill from the bottom of the bottle and bottles are filled with fluids through nozzles.


1.It is very efficient with high-cost performance.
2.The machine features a magnetic pump which is best for high-precision filling.
3.Its belt Conveyor is fast and stable.
4.Its pump is made of 316 stainless steel which can be used for very high-temperature liquid fill.
5.It is suitable for various corrosive, low-viscosity, a little foamy liquid, and non-particulate liquids.
6.Its cylinder drive filling nozzles fill liquid from the bottle’s base.


It is widely used in medicine, daily chemical, food industries, etc. It is used to fill a variety of medications, including eye drops, syrup, alcohol, medicinal liquor, and medical oil. It may be used to address needs in the chemical industry for things like acetone and solvents. This apparatus is also utilized in the cosmetics sector in the cosmetics sector as well to fill toner, makeup remover, and spray. It is employed in the food sector to fill beverages like milk, soy milk, juice, fruit wine, soy sauce, and vinegar. This machine may also be used to fill cleaning agents and detergents.

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