Fully automatic filling machine

About Product

The automatic filling machine is widely used in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and other industries. It has huge development and reliable quality. After purchasing the automatic filling machine, you still need to debug the required filling machine machine

Working principle of automatic piston filling machine

The working principle of the full-automatic piston type filling machine is that the piston in the material cylinder is driven to make reciprocating motion via the front-and-back motion of the cylinder, so that negative pressure is generated in the front cavity of the material cylinder. When the cylinder moves forwards, the piston is pulled to move backwards, and the negative pressure is generated in the front cavity of the material cylinder. Materials in the feeding barrel are pressed in the feed pipe under atmospheric pressure, entering the material pipe via the check valve for material ingress and egress. When moving backwards, the cylinder pushes the piston to move forwards, extruding materials. Materials enter the discharging hose via the discharging check valve, and finally enter the empty bottle to be filled via the filing head (during feeding, the filing head is turned off, and during discharging, the filing head is turned on) to complete filling. The filling of the piston type filling machine of every time is a mechanical and single action, and thus, it is high in filling accuracy and stability to each regular container. On this basis, the full-automatic filling machine is controlled by a computer, and completes the automatic filling under the condition of unmanned operation via auxiliary devices (such as bottle retaining cylinder, clamping bottle, lift, material supplementing control, bottle counting device,etc.).


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