Guide about Powder Filling Machine

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Every little or large item needs to be correctly filled, tightly sealed, cleanly wrapped, and beautifully packed before being sent to the market. Engineers have created a wide variety of the newest machinery for several industries for packaging products thanks to continuous research and development. The foodstuffs and necessities we need daily are packaged and offered for sale in the market in various forms. Filling equipment is used to put products into containers or bags for sale. When filling powder items, companies face several challenges. Powders must be placed in bags since they are tiny particles. Powder Filling Machines are used to fill powder. This article focuses on powder-filling machines.

 What is Powder Filling Machine?

A powder-filling machine is a component of independent machinery used to fill powder into prefabricated containers such as cans, bottles, pouches, etc. It implies that a powder-filling machine is necessary if companies need to package powder. The filling of a wide range of powdered or granulated goods, both free-flowing and non-free-flowing, requires the use of powder-filling machines. These cutting-edge machines fill powder into bottles and vials.

These adaptable machines can also handle bottles of various sizes, shapes, and materials. These devices are widely utilized across a variety of sectors, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, agricultural, and food industries. Our premium powder-filling machines come in a number of variants, each of which is renowned for its unsurpassed performance and dependability.

Topcnfilling Machinery is a filling machine wholesaler and supplier. Topcn filling manufactured Powder filling machine. This machine is mostly used in industries for solid-content products.

The transparent hopper, discharge valves, lifting handwheel, filling nozzles, and high-quality motor are the key parts of this machine.


The powder-filling machine’s model number is TPPF-2S. Electronic weighing or screw metering is used as its measurement technique. It uses a 220V, 50Hz–60Hz power source. The packaging accuracy is 0.01g (tested with flour). Its packing weighs between 0.2-2g (filling parts need to be replaced). The rate of packaging is 1500 bottles per minute (depending on packing specifications and materials). It is appropriate for bottles with a 60mm height. The ideal bottle diameter is 10 mm. 10L is its Hopper’s capacity. It weighs 40kg in net terms. It has a 750*360*930MM size.


  • Its operation is easy to understand and appropriate for filling all sorts of powder or particles.
  • This powder packaging machine includes an integrated power source, light source, and instrument. It is managed by a computer on a single chip. It contains automatic quantification, automatic filling, automatic correction of measurement mistakes, and other features.
  • It has stepping motor technology, electronic weighing technology, high precision, and quick speed.
  • By changing and swapping out filler components with varied specifications using the keyboard of an electronic scale, the same quantitative packing equipment may pack 5-5000g.
  • It is possible to automatically track and fix errors brought on by changes in the material level and gravity that are particular to a given machine material.

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