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Filling machines have become the perfect allies in various industrial sectors, from food to pharmaceutical. In almost all industrial sectors there are filling machines that simplify work and make mass production of different products possible.

When it comes to liquids, liquid filling machines are even more important. This is the machine that will be in contact with the liquid product, this means that everything concerning its disinfection and hygiene must be very controlled.

What is the function of liquid filling machines?

In essence, the function of these machines is to allow the filling of bottles or any other container with liquid products, to be done with the greatest precision. It depends on these machines that each bottle contains the exact amount of liquids, preventing product waste.

The best way to explain the function of liquid filling machines is as follows:

They introduce the product in the container in a precise way.

They speed up the filling process.

They make the process more hygienic.

How do liquid filling machines work?

The operation of liquid filling machines is simple, everything happens as follows:

The first step is that the container in question, usually a bottle, is driven by the machine’s rotating platform, to then rotate around a vertical axis and undergo continuous filling.

The liquid filling machines are composed of the fluid transport, or the feeding system, the container transport, which consists of the transport of the containers, then there is the filling valve, followed by the turntable and finally elements such as the transmission, automatic control, bodywork among other series of parts.

Liquid filling machines work through 3 methods; Atmospheric pressure, or pure magnetic method, in which the liquid flows into the bottle by its own weight.

Equal pressure, or magnetic filling method, in this case, the container must be inflated, generating an air pressure very similar to that of the tank that contains the liquid, then the material will begin to flow under its own weight.

Finally there is the vacuum method, this can be carried out in two ways; differential pressure vacuum type and magnetic vacuum type. This type of filling of liquid filling machines is used for higher viscosity products.

Filling machines are important in the industrial sector , whether they are liquid or canned fillers, in either case they optimize the production process.

Magnetic filling machine:

Magnetic fillers, as the name suggests, fill bottles by harnessing one of the most well-known forces. These machines will generally be built with top tanks to hold the product. The nozzles open and the product, due to the force of magnetic, flows into the waiting containers. Typically simple ball valves will open and close to allow product to pass through the nozzles and bowls. Timed filling, with each head capable of being individually timed, will produce an accurate volumetric fill.

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