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Automatic Fish Sauce filling machine
Automatic Fish Sauce filling machine
Automatic Fish Sauce filling machine

A liquid sauce, soup or gravy product having high temperature stability and storage stability under high shear, lubricating structure, including water and oil phases.The aqueous phase comprising: (a) non-starch polysaccharide microgel dispersed phase; and (b) a continuous phase containing a biopolymer solution.

Automatic Fish Sauce filling machine

If you are filling free flowing liquids such as sauce, wines, spirits, perfumes or oils into rigid bottles then pump filling is by far the easiest and most cost-effective solution. This liquid filling line apply for Food Industrial Seafood Sauce Fish Sauce filling machine, feeding cap, press capping, lableing and bottle neck shrink.


>Filling head:4heads/6heads/8heads

>Max flow rate:3000ml/min、5500ml/min、5500ml/min、7500ml/min

>Filling speed:20-40pcs/min、20-50pcs/min、20-50pcs/min、25-60pcs/min

>Filling accuracy:≤100ml ≤±1ml、> 100ml precision ≤±1% ( based on water)

>Power supply:220V-50HZ/110V-60HZ

>The whole machine power:2KW

>Size of air compressor connector:OD 8mm

Key Benefits:

1:Magneti pump with diving nozzles,designed for filling foamy liquid

2:Bottle Filling Nozzles with anti-dripping function

3:each nozzle can be used to fill different liquid at the same

4:0 – 1500ml typical fill range

5:316 stainless steel pump can use for hot temperature liquid fill.

Magnetic pump Benefits:

1.Smooth transmission, no pulse, accurate measurement;
2.Use magnetic drive structure, static seal, truly achieve zero leakage;
3.Diversified drive, wide application in the industry, complete models;
4.High efficiency and energy saving, easy maintenance, low installation cost and long service life.


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