United Kingdom customer bought Rotary Automatic Perfume Liquid Mini Tube Glass Plastic Small Bottle Vial Filling Pressing Capping Machine


Our new customers from United Kingdom placed the order on : TRFM-DC Automatic Perfume Liquid Mini Tube Glass Plastic Bottle Vial Mono-block Filling Pressing Capping Machine

For the products produced by customers, we must understand their bottle packaging details, including bottle capacity and other related sizes and shapes, so that the machine and customers’ products can get the best compatibility and adaptability.

After we receive customers samples and confirm details, we take 11 days to finish the customized machine and finish taking adjusting videos to help customers how to operate the machines.

As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between TOPCN 

Purchased order issued &Key communiction points During Business Discussion:


Samples sent from customers in UK


Here below is customer transaction data

Testing videos on model TRFM-DC:

Fully Automatic Liquid Eye Wash Care Solution Plastic Ampoule Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

Rotary Automatic Monoblock Cryovial Tube Reagent Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

Rotary Automatic Perfume Liquid Mini Tube Glass Plastic Ampoule Bottle Vial Monoblock Filling Pressing Capping Machine

Sample Glass Perfume Filling And Press Capping Machine

Feedback from customer after checking video:

Automatic Small Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Technology Parameter

This small bottle filling and capping machine is with function of filling and capping,the small machine body can help you save working space.It is equipped with peristaltic pump

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Machine model




Machine power


Filling Pump

Magnetic Pump

Bottle diameter


Filling range


Bottle height

≤120mm(Can customize for higher bottles)

Cap diameter


Size of filling nozzle

OD 6mm

Working speed

20-50bottles/min(depends on liquid and bottle size)

Machine size

About 510*510*970mm

Machine weight

About 69kg

Package size

About 860*715*1030mm

Package weight

About 95.5kg

Package of Small Bottle Filling and Capping Machine

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HS code of the machines applied for packaging industry are listed regarding the custom clearance and importing tax.

HTS # 8422.30.9185 filling /sealing /packing machine (North American market)

84798210 Mixing machine

8422301090 Filling machine

8422303090 Labeling machine

8422309090 Sealing machine

8422400000 Packing machine

8422303090 Capping machine

8479.82.0040 food Mixing, kneading or stirring machine

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