Mouth Wash Liquid Filling Solution


The liquid (mouthwash) helps keep your mouth clean and smelling fresh, Mouthwash, generally contains fragrance, sweetener, ethanol, humectant, surfactant, colorant, preservative, refined water and functional additive etc. most of mouthwash with foam, how to choose the good filling machine for rich foam liquid? Here our magnetic pump filling machine solution for you.

This Automatic liquid bottle filling and capping machine

This filling and capping machine is suitable for various corrosive,low viscosity and non-particulate liquids, such as:various chemicals (medicine oil, medicinal liquor, alcohol, eye drops, syrup), chemicals(solvent, acetone), oil (edible oil, essential oil) ), cosmetics (toner, makeup remover,spray), food (100 degree high temperature, such as milk, soy milk), beverage (juice, fruit wine), seasoning (soy sauce vinegar) and other non-particulate liquid; high and low foam liquid ( Care solution, detergent)

Key Benefits:

1: Material:304 stainless steel

2:Four heads, six heads,eight heads, 10 heads, 11 heads.

3: Filling station:Peristaltic pump,magnetic pump, diaphragm pump dosing system are available based on different products.

4:Materail tank and filling nozzles with heating function

5: Anti-dripping piston filling nozzles customize


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