Paste Sacue Jam Filling Solution


The food glass jar is composed of a metal screw cap and a glass bottle. Used to store food such as sweet honey, candy, fruit jam, sauce etc.

If you are filling sauce material in the bottle or jar, we suggest our Automatic two heads sauce paste fruit jam plastic glass jar bottle filling capping labeling production line as below

This Automatic filling machine is widely used in liquid,cream, paste, gel, honey,jam,sauce etc filling in pharmaceutical, daily chemicals, food and other industries.
It is filled with high-precision metering pumps and is suitable for different materials and different containers. The structure of the machine is simple and reasonable, easy to operate, dust cover can be optional.

Key Benefits:

1: Material:304 stainless steel

2:Single head, two heads

3: Filling station:Peristaltic pump, Gear pump,piston pump, ceramic pump,lobe pump metering dosing system are available based on different products.

4:Materail tank and filling nozzles with heating function

5: Anti-dripping piston filling nozzles

6: Equipped with piston feeding pump,it can feed filling material automatically 



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