1 Liter Auto Servo Piston Pump Volumetric Filling Machine 6 Head

Model: TAFM-6SM

Nozzles qty: 1 2 4 6 8 10 12

Voltage: 110-60HZ 220V-50HZ

Power: 1500W

Air Consumption: 0.4-0.6MPa

Filling Accuracy: ±1%

Working Speed: 20-50 bottles/min(based on material)

Size Of Filing Nozzle: φ10mm

Size Of Air Compressor Connector: Φ8mm

Filling Range: 50-1000ML/250-3000ML/450-5000ML

Machine Size: About 2000*800*1750mm

Packaging Size: About 2050*800*1830mm

Net weight/Gross weight: About 250kg/280kg



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volumetric filling Machine

Automatic Servo Filling Machine with Feeding Pump
Servo Motor Automatic Filling with Feeding Pump
Apply for both liquid and paste cream
Can work with capping labeling machine

servo filling machine

This automatic piston-style liquid filling machine adopts 316 and 304 stainless steel controlled by servo motor, and it can use different filling heads to meet customers’ production demands, Besides, it can also link to other cap feeder and capping machines in the production line.  It takes up only a little room, economical and practical, widely used for filling liquids in industries like pharmaceuticals, pesticides,chemicals, food, cosmetics,etc. It is in full compliance with the GMP requirements.


1:Adopting plunger-style metering pump and servo motor control to fill,suitable for filling various liquids.
2:Servo motor control injection pump is convenient to adjust filling dosage accurately,with high filling precision.
3:With high-position liquid storage,liquid level switch automatically controls material feeding.
4:Filling heads with anti-drip device and with function of back-sucking, ensuring no phenomena of the wire drawing and dripping and leakage.
5:1 Liter Auto Servo Piston Pump Volumetric Filling Machine 6 Head is easy to clean and disinfect,convenient to change different specifications.
6:Imported PLC control system, frequency conversion,no filling without bottles,with high degree of automation.
7:Electric&pneumatic parts are all world-famous brands,like Japan Mitsubishi,France Schneider.



Nozzles qty

1 2 4 6 8 10 12


110-60HZ 220V-50HZ



Air Consumption


Filling Accuracy


Working Speed

20-50 bottles/min(based on material)

Size Of Filing Nozzle


Size Of Air Compressor Connector


Filling Range


Machine Size

About 2000*800*1750mm

Packaging Size

About 2050*800*1830mm

Net weight/Gross weight

About 250kg/280kg

Product Details




Long filling nozzles for anti dripping ensure material don’t drip out during filling.And the the height of filling nozzles can be adjusted according to bottle size.




Filling nozzles driving motor
auto filling machine servo motor driving filling head working at the bottom of bottle apply for foam liquid products

auto filling machine




Servo Motor Filling
Servo motor control injection pump is convenient to adjust filling dosage accurately, with high filling precision.




Material Feeding Pump
Servo filling machine Equipped with piston feeding pump,it can feed filling material automatically and no need to pour material into tank.This helps to save production labor and improve production efficiency.

volumetric filling Machine
servo filling machine
auto filling machine



Liquid level device
Volumetric filling Machine with liquid level sensor in hopper, when the sensor detect material below the level, piston feeding pump will feed filling material automatically

servo filling machine


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