4 Nozzles Cosmetic Cream Shea Butter Heating Stiring Mixing and Filling Machine

Model NoTAFM-4H

Voltage110/220v 50-60HZ 600W

Filling Range5-60ml/10-120ml/50-500ml/100-1000ml

Working Speed (Based On Water)20- 50bottles/Min

Heating TemperatureAbout 0-80℃

Mixing SpeedAbout 1200r/min

Filling Accuracy≤0.5%

Air Pressure0.5-0.7mpa

Size Of Filling Nozzleφ4mm/φ6mm/φ8m

Size Of Air Compressor Connectorφ10mm

Machine WeightAbout300kg

Machine SizeAbout180*130*190cm

Package WeightAbout 380kg

Package SizeAbout 210*140*205CM



Product Display

  1. automatic piston type hot filling machine with heating jacket is suitable for various kinds of product which needs to be
    heated before filling, like vaseline, hair wax, wax candle,shoe oil,Cooling oil,soap,tiger balm,ointment,balmand etc.
    2. Our filling machine has fully heating functionof the whole filling system,including hopper, piston insdie the machine,
    filling nozzles.
    3. Machine has small Stirrer in the hopperto let the material accelerate and evenly heat
    4. Our filling machine ispneumatic driven piston, is easy to operate, easy to clean, is a hot sales filling machine model with
    competitive price.
    5. This automatic filling machine is adjustable will be suitable for different kinds of bottles, different height and shapes.
    Means you can buy only 1 machine to do the filling work to all your bottles.
    6. The filling range of the machine is adjustable, can meet your different products filling volume requirements.
    7. Filing nozzles is anti-drop design, machine with a high filling accuracy.
    8. Our Semi-automatic Heated Mixing Hopper Vaseline Paraffin Oil Heavy Head Paste Heater Filling Machine

Product Details

mixing filling machine

Filling Nozzles

The high quality filling nozzle is with larger power when filling materials,this can improve filling efficiency.Each filling nozzle can be controlled separately.



Valve with heating, fully heating function of the whole filling system,including hopper, piston insdie the machine, filling nozzles

Touch Screen

Equipped with touch screen control panel,this makes working parameter visual and more convenient to operate. The operation

language can be customized into different kinds of language according to your need,please contact us if you need this.


Hopper inter layer heating, no contact with the material

mixing filling machine

Heating System

Water heating in full filling system,the tank and discharge nozzle also have heating constant temperature function, temperature
can be set.

Mixing Rod

This machine is with mixing and heating
function,the heating temperature and mixing speed can be adjusted according to the regulator.This is good for filling jam,face
cream, chocolate etc.

mixing filling machine


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