5KG 10kg 15KG 25kg Drum Bucket Paint Jerry Can Filling Capping Machine Line

Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Weight: 30kg

Dimensions of weighting: 350*350mm

Voltage: 220V/50HZ

Power: Total 1KW

Filling volume(weight): 5-30L

Filling nozzles: 1/2 SUS304/SUS316/PTFE

Filling speed: 5-10 barrel/min

Filling precision: ±50g

Air consumption: 0.6m³/h

Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Bottle height: 300mm-500mm

Bottle dia: ¢250mm-¢350mm



Product Display

Jerry can filling line

Weighting Filling and Capping Machine
1:Automatic weight filling+Capping(feeding cap)+Labeling
2:With weighting system, filling range 5L to 30L
3:Used for the packaging of bucket paint, ink, glue, resin, solvent, lubricating oi etc:

Jerry Can Filling Capping Machine

The filling and capping is widely used for all kinds of big bucket paint, ink, car paint, furniture paint, Tiana water, adhesive (glue), resin, chemical solvent, lubricating oil, shoe glue, and other liquid

1.The control system adopts the high-end electrical parts such as programmable controller I/O PLC module, which has reliable performance and low maintenance cost.

2.The sealing and soft connection uses Teflon, which is solvent resistant, acid and alkali resistant and has long service life.

3.5KG 10kg 15KG 25kg Drum Bucket Paint Jerry Can Filling Capping Machine Line adopts two-stage adjustable filling mode for the large and small materials, which improves the accuracy and productivity.

4.The filling quantity can be set freely, which is suitable for quantitative filling in various weight ranges.

5.Full Touch Screen  is English Animation Operation, Full Teaching Mode Operation Guidance, Display Target Quantity, Filling Quantity, Bucket Number, Cumulative Quantity and so on.

6.The system uses all-English  guided operation to memorize working group parameters and formulas. Maximum storage of 100 sets of parameters,.

7.The device can extend the Ethernet interface/DP/NET interface to facilitate centralized control and integrated monitoring of factory data in the later stage.automatic capping

 5KG 10kg 15KG 25kg Drum Bucket Paint Jerry Can Filling Capping Machine Line


SUS304 Stainless Steel



Dimensions of weighting





Total 1KW

Filling volume(weight)


Filling nozzles

1/2 SUS304/SUS316/PTFE

Filling speed

5-10 barrel/min

Filling precision


Air consumption


Air pressure


Bottle height


Bottle dia



Jerry can filling line

How to Choose the Right Machine

***Select the model according to the packaging weight
The packaging weight refers to the weight of the filling, bucket size and specification of the packaging barrel to determine the model you choose.
Bucket type: iron bucket or rubber bucket;?Square or round or flat? Large diameter or small diameter of feed inlet? The diameter and height of the barrel?

***Select model according to material characteristics
Volatile material: pipeline type
(Oily) explosion-proof workshop: digital instrument display
Non-volatile material: bucket type
Water-based material( ordinary workshop): touch screen display

***Select models according to the degree of automation
Semi-automatic(with conveyor) and full-automatic(without conveyor)

Product Details

Jerry Can Filling Capping Machine



Prevention Outlet
Jerry can filling line can realize fast loading without jamming and blocking, and improve work efficiency



Multiple filling outlets available
Jerry Can Filling Capping Machine with variety of outlets can be selected, it is easy to select outlets for different material



paint can filling machine multi filling head with weighting can do as customer capacity,stainless steel filling nozzles, using life is longer,Each filling head can work separately



Machine material
Advantages of our products: the plate thickness is 3.01mm



Capping Head
Capping head inside rubber material is soft and make sure that device won’t broke the caps when capping

Jerry can filling line
paint can filling machine


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