Automatic 8 Head Liquid Mosquito Repellent Killer Filling Plugging Capping Machine Fill Line

Max filling speed: 1000-2000 pcs/hour

Applicable bottle diameter size: Φ20 ≤D≤Φ50mm

Applicable bottle height size: 30≤H≤100 mm

Filling accuracy: ±1mm

Bottle material: Glass bottle,plastic bottle

Filling material: eye drop,eliquid,cbg oil,cbd oil

Voltage: AC220V,single phase,50/60HZ

Power: 1.2KW

Working pressure: 0.6MP

Net weight: 400/600 Kgs

Machine size(L*W*H): 2000*1600*1900mm



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Mosquito Repellent filling machine

Automatic Mosquito Liquid Filling Capping Line
※ Adopting piston-pump filling, 8-nozzle filling(dual work stations)
※Production speed 3000-4000 bottles per min

Automatic Mosquito Liquid Filling Capping Line
Automatic 8 Head Liquid Mosquito Repellent Killer Filling Plugging Capping Machine Fill Line is mainly used for liquid mosquito coils and other industries with good liquidity liquid filling production. The line has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high filling precision, high production efficiency, simple operation, saving personnel, long service life and so on.

This automatic liquid mosquito coils filling machine line includes automatic bottle unscramble, mosquito liquid filling machine, stoppering device +put the cap on the bottle by automatic then capping with screw caps by automatic, also can add automatic bottle labeling machine, ink jet printer, laser printer and bottle collector

Max filling speed

1000-2000 pcs/hour

Applicable bottle diameter size


Φ20 ≤D≤Φ50mm

Applicable bottle height size

30≤H≤100 mm

Filling accuracy


Bottle material

Glass bottle, plastic bottle

Filling material

eye drop, eliquid,cbg oil, cbd oil


AC220V, single phase, 50/60HZ



Working pressure


Net weight

400/600 Kgs

Machine size(L*W*H)


Product Details

Mosquito Repellent filling machine



Bottle Unscrambler is suitable for automatic sorting and arranging all kinds small sizes round or square shape plastic bottles feeding bottles automatically to filling lines to save labor cost.



filling plugging and capping machine set bottle washing,filling,capping,bottle in one,high degree of automation.Strong compatibility,adjusting the mold can be compatible with bottles of different sizes,and the mould is easily changed.

mosquito repellent filling line



Filling system
Vacuum filling/peristaltic pump filling/magnetic pump filling/piston pump filling are available.
Simple filling volume adjustment, wide range of application.
High filling accuracy, stable filling.



Customize stoppering cap vibrator arrange the plug automatically,which can feeding sharp cap,dropper cap, spary cap etc.feeding cap speed adjustable.

mosquito repellent filling line



Mosquito Repellent filling machine with outer bottle cap feeder which can feed lids before screw capping bottle,This one needs to be customized according to cap size.



The capping head of mosquito repellent filling line adopts mechanical claw cover (servo motor controlled capping claw),the capping head Torque and torque are controlled by servo, and torque servo control)

filling plugging and capping machine
filling plugging and capping machine


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