Automatic Aluminum Foil Induction Sealing Sealer Machine


Motor power:2600W、Sealing speed、0-250 bottles/min

Sealing height:20-400mm、Host size、500*360*1100mm

Sealing diameter:15-65mm、Equipment Weight、62kg

Way of working:Continuously working、Package size、1400*470*130mm

Cooling method:Air cooling、Machine material、Stainless steel



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>Suitable for sealing plastic bottles glass bottles and composite plastic hoses.

>Air cooling, obvious heat dissipation long working hours.

>Sealing diameter 15-65mm.

induction sealing machine

Firstly, the filled bottles go through the no-foil bottle rejection system by the conveyor. If no foil, the system will reject the relative bottle. Then the bottles enter the induction sealing head which makes the aluminum foil generate the heating to seal on the bottle mouth. This machine adopts no-contact induction sealing between the bottle and sealing head which make the bottle mouth seal properly. Main power spare parts fix up on the radiator and the induction heating head adopts the circulating water to cool.
This machine is suitable for different size bottles sealing with a little adjustment.

Product Details

induction sealing machine

The host transmits the super audio current to the sensor head. The aluminum foil at the mouth of the bottle under the sensor head is electromagnetically induced to generate a super-audio current, which instantly reaches a high temperature, so that the composite film on the aluminum foil is melted and bonded with the mouth of the bottle to achieve high efficiency and high quality.

Intelligent control panel

Smart operating system, simple and quick operation

induction sealing machine
induction sealing machine

Multiple sets of air-cooled heat dissipation

The integrated air-cooled radiator enhances the heat dissipation performance, powerful power, quiet operation and long life.

Electromagnetic induction

Entering the sealing induction head the aluminum foil generates eddy current heating, and the hot melt film melts and fused tightly with the product opening.

induction sealing machine
induction sealing machine

The hand wheel is flexibly adjusted according to the height of the bottle, it is easy to use.


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