Automatic Aluminum Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Name:automatic aluminum tube filler and selaer



tube diameter:16-35mm


Type:automatic tube filling machinery

Suitable tube diameter:20-35mm

Suitable tube height:80-180mm

Working station:16

Filling volume:10-70ml, 30-140ml, 50-300ml

Function:automatic tube feeding, products heating mixing filling , tube tail sealing packing machine



Product Display

Automatic Aluminium Tube Filling Sealing Machine

>suitable for Aluminium Tube Filling and tube tail sealing folding and batch coding

>machine contact parts is SUS304 or SUS316L

Product Details

Automatic Aluminum Tube Filling and Sealing Machine high quality mark sensor

Keyence sensor made in Japan eye detector, which will detects the mark on the tube automaticlly, mark detect position adjustable.

Anti-dripping piston filling nozzles

aluminum tube filling and sealing machine filling volume and the height of filling head can be adjusted according to tube size, height adjusting with mark ruler for your reference, it can help you improve production efficiency greatly.

tube filling and sealing machine aluminum
tube filling and sealing machine aluminum

Customized valve

tube filling and sealing machine aluminum high quality piston valve, which filling precision can reach 0.5%, and valve with quick clamp connect hopper and material cyliner, which is easy to dispatch and clean after using machine.

Liquid level device and Feeding

aluminum tube filling machine with liquid level sensor in hopper, when the sensor detect material below the level, piston feeding pump will feed filling material automatically and no need to pour material into tank.

Auto Tubes Feeder  

aluminum tube filling and sealing machine is fixed with auto tubes feeding device.It’s stable and high efficiency.It can save one labor cost.


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