Automatic Bottling Liquid Detergent Dish Washing Soap Bottle Filling Capping and Labeling Machine Line

Machine modelTLFM-4MLB(touch screen control)

Pump:Magnetic pump

Pump volulme:5500ml/ pump

Power supply:AC110V/220V 50Hz-60Hz 60W*4

Filling Range:10-1000ml

Filling nozzles:4 (we can customize the nozzles based on your demands)

Working speed:20-40 bottles/min(based on bottles and liquids)

Air pressure:0.3-0.4MPa

Filling accuracy:≤±1% (For water)

Diameter of filling nozzle:4mm

Delay range:0.01-999.9s

Conveyor belt length:1m

Size of air compressor connector:OD8mm

Package size:About 1250*760*850mm



Product Display

Automatic Bottling Liquid Detergent Dish Washing Soap  Bottle Filling Capping and  Labeling Machine Line

>Apply for liquid washing detergent, sauce oil and all kinds of  liquid

>Piston cylinder driving filling nozzles  move up and down

> Labebling machine for apply flat and round    

Product Name

Desktop Automatic Capping Machine

Cap Feeder(custom made  as bottle can cap)

Bottle height


Cap Diameter

Standard:20mm-68mm; Customize:15mm-70mm;20mm-115mm

Bottle Size

Bottle height:80mm-300mm;
Can be customized 15mm-100mm; (other sizes can be customized)

Working speed

20-30 bottles / minute (depending on bottle and cap size and shape)


152×63.5×104.5Cm (Machine)50*50*118Cm(Vibratory Bowl)

Packing size

157*63*123Cm(Machine)About 81*66*110cm(Vibratory Bowl)

Product Weight

120KG(Machine)116kg(Vibratory Bowl)


If your caps is used by pressing instead of screwing, please contact us and we will send the suitable machine for you.

Machine Power

110/220V 2500W

Working Speed

30-150 bottles/min(based on bottle size)

Labeling Accuracy


Suitable Bottle Diameter


Suitable Labeling Object

W: 30-100mm; L:40-200mm; H:100-300mm

Suitable Label Size


Label Roll OD


Label Roll ID


Machine Size

About 300*1550*180cm(L*W*H)

Machine Weight

About 389kg

Package Size

About 235*127*155cm(L*W*H)

Package Weight

About 450kg

Product Details

bottling machine filling machine line

Lifting Cylinder driving

Filling nozzles driven by piston cylinder, which  is diving bottle to fill and moving up slowly, avoid bubbling

Liquid detergent filling line Magnetic pump can filling liquid accurately and fast, which can help you improve prodution capacity. Magnetic pump is 316  stainless teel, using life is longer than other digital pump, each pump can work separately.

Speed control knob

Filling nozzles with anti-dripping function, each nozzle can cotrol separately, black knob adjust filling speed

Capping adjusting knob

Screw rod adjust capping chuck for different kinds of bottle cap.left one is used for loosing or tightening middle pusher mold.right one is used for loosing or tightening the capping with cylinder type,which is easier to adjust for customer.

bottle filling capping and labeling  machine is not only suitable for flat bottles,it is also suitable for round
bottles.It can realize single side or double side labeling by replacing the round bottle labeling structure.

1 and 2 labeling head for flate bottle double sided labeling

3 round bottle labeling


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