Automatic Cosmetic Facial Cream Ointment Round Jars Bottle Carton Packing Vertical Cartoning Machine

Model: TPCM-50,TPCM-80

Capacity: 20-40 box per min,20-30 bx per min

Max Bottle Size: 200*80*80mm,200*100*100 mm

Min Bottle Size: 45*20*20mm,60*30*30 mm

Motor power: 1/4HP 15:1,1/4HP 15:1

Power supply: 1 phase 220V 50/60HZ,1 phase 220V 50/60HZ

Air consumption: 150L/min,150L/min

Machine dimension: L 1400 x W 900 x H 1450 mm,L 1400 x W 900 x H 1450 mm

Machine weight: 250Kg,250Kg



Product Display

Bottle Carton Packing Machine

Vertical Box Packing Machine
※ Used to pack various of square carton
※Package speed 20-60 boxes per min
※can be connected to the labeling machine, heat shrinking machine etc

vertical cartoning machine

Fully Automatic Cosmetic Facial Cream Ointment Round Jars Bottle Small Carton Packing Vertical Cartoning Machine will suck carton, feed the carton into the star wheel, and the carton will be rotated by the star wheel to the printer position to print the code, then the worker will put the product into the carton, then the carton will be rotated by the star wheel to the flap folding mechanism to finish the flaps folding, then the star wheel will rotate the carton to the carton out feed mechanism to discharge.

Bottle Carton Packing Machine

Machine mainly consists of:
1. Machine Frame
2. Transmission
3. Star Wheel
4. Carton In feed Mechanism
5. Flap Folding Mechanism1
6. Flap Folding Mechanism2
7. Carton Out feed Mechanism





20-40 box per min

20-30 bx per min

Max Bottle Size


200*100*100 mm

Min Bottle Size


60*30*30 mm

Motor power

1/4HP 15:1

1/4HP 15:1

Power supply

1 phase  220V 50/60HZ

1 phase  220V 50/60HZ

Air consumption



Machine dimension

L 1400 x  W 900 x  H 1450 mm

L 1400 x  W 900 x  H 1450 mm

Machine weight



bottle cartoning machine

1. The carton will be sucked by the vacuum box sucking device on the carton in feed mechanism,
and it will be fed into the mould of the star wheel, then the bottom cylinder will fold the small
bottom flaps.
2. Print the batch number on the carton.
3. Put the product into the carton.
4. The rotary cylinder coupling with the flap folding rod on the flap folding mechanism1 will fold
the small top flaps.
5. When the carton goes into this station, the flap blocking cylinder on the flap folding
mechanism2 will block the big flap, the flap folding cylinder will fold the big flap into the carton,
then the flap pressing cylinder will flatten the big flap.
6. When the carton goes to this station after flap folding finished, the box pushing cylinder will
push the finished product out of the star wheel.

Product Details

vertical cartoning machine

vertical cartoning machine advanced PLC control system combined with 5.7 color touch screen control panel can easily set and change packaging parameters

Large capacity storage box rack
Bottle Carton Packing Machine with the long boxes’ feeding shelf design, you can place up to 1000 pcs boxes, the machine will alarm and stop automatically when the boxes are going to running out

bottle cartoning machine
Bottle Carton Packing Machine

Miain turntable for running the turret and deliver the carton to different working station





Folded paper insert into the box.
Design different feeding type for different products

Bottle Carton Packing Machine


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