Automatic Desktop Bottle Chocolate Cream Lotion Pepper Sauce Filling Capping And Labeling Machine

Machine model:TAFM-4DP

Power:110/220V 50-60HZ About 300W

Filling range:10-100ml/30-300ml/50-500ml/100-1000ml/500-2500ml/1000-5000ml

Working speed:20-30bottles/min(based on liquid&filling volume)

Hopper size:90L

Conveyor size:About 1300*100mm

Filling nozzle size:OD 10mm(can choose other size)

Filling accuracy:≤±1%

Machine size:About 1300*1440*1200 mm

Package size:About 1550*1400*1330mm

Package weight:About 237kg



Product Display

Desktop Piston Filling Capping Labeling Line

>Suitable for small size paste cream and liquid in bottles and cans

>Desktop type working with capping and labeling machine

>Stardard max volume is 500ml, other volume contact with online service.

Technology parameters:

suitable for small size paste cream and liquid in bottles and cans, Desktop type can work with capping and labeling machine to realize automatic production.
Standarm model max volume is 500ml, other volume need contact with online service.


  1. Can customize products according to customer bottle samples.
    2. Adopted piston quantitative, the material contact parts are made of 304ss, they are food grade.
    3. Screen rational design, simple operation.
    4. Removable design, with stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance.
    5. Filling accuracy, adaptability.
    6. The machine use interval filling system, so it can be used for small size of bottle, and the filling speed will also be higher.
    This machine is a standard model, if you need to customize, please contact sales

Daily chemicals: Shampoo,liquid soap, toothpaste,oil
Coatings: Paint, ink, resin
Food: Chocolate, syrup, cream, mayonnaise,fruit jam
Cosmetics: Face cream,lotion,essential oil, hair spray
Pharmaceuticals: Syrups, extracts, emulsions, drug slurries etc.



Bottle height


Cap Diameter


Bottle Height


Botle Diameter


Working speed

20-60 bottles / minute (depending on bottle and cap size and shape)

Working voltage

AC220V/110V 50- 60HZ

Wokingn pressure




Packing size





1.If your caps is used by pressing instead of screwing,please contact us and we will send the suitable machine for you.

Product Details

bottle filling capping machine

Equipped with 90L large 304 ot 316 stainess steel hopperthis better for making the liquid flow faster and can feed filling material in time,improves working speed.

Equipped with the pneumatic filling nozzle,which has larger power and can improve filling speed when fill thicker liquid.There is a anti-dripping slot,it can ensure the production cleanliness.The bottle clamping plate will fixed bottles ,this prevent that bottles fall down during filling.

bottle filling capping machine

The filling volume can be adjusted by the hand rotary knob.Through the small knob to adjust the air intake and air output, you can indirectly control the filling speed and waiting time of the machine

With bottle cap feeder which can feed lids before capping bottle.This one needs to be customized according to cap size.

bottle filling capping machine
bottle filling capping machine

Capping  Head

Designed for various shapes of bottle caps,like smoke oil bottles,spray bottles,beverage bottle caps.It will press the bottle caps and tight it automatically.

Labeling roller

Reasonable in structure, Fully automatic mini-model, very convenient to use.

German SICK  laber sensor ,ensure the sensitivity and accuracy,prevent from missing or wasting label stickers,improve labeling quality


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