Automatic E Liquid CBD Hemp Oil Filling Capping Labeling Machine

Model No.:TAFM-R

Max filling speed:1000-3000 pcs/hour

Applicable bottle diameter size:Φ20 ≤D≤Φ50mm

Applicable bottle height size:30≤H≤100 mm

Filling accuracy:±1%

Bottle material:Glass bottle, plastic bottle

Filling material:eye drop, eliquid,cbg oil

Voltage:AC220V, single phase, 50/60HZ


Working pressure:0.6MP

Net weight:400/600 Kgs

Machine size(L*W*H):2000*1600*1900mm



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>especially for high percision smal dosage filling in small bottles.

>1/2 nozzles can be customized as production need

>magneric pump filling,high prtcision, large volume range

Capping Labeling Machine

This machine can work with plastic or glass bottles made of various materials, which with round or olive shape, such as, eyedrop bottles, oral liquid bottles, nail art paint bottles, eye shadow liquid bottles, pharma ampoule bottles, perfume bottles, plant essence bottles, electronic cigarette liquid bottles, and so on.  This machine with high precision graduator driven rotary cam plate, to ensure all the motions precisely, such as, empty bottles entering, liquid filling, inner stopper taking and pressing, exterior caps taking and screwing,etc. Peristaltic pump or piston pump filling, Constant torque screwing caps, Advanced PLC+touch screen operation system, No bottles no filling, no inner stopper and no exterior cap feeding. Excellent drive stability, high locating precision and high filling dosage precision. Special processed and calibrated inner stopper and exterior cap feeding devices, ensure the finished products with high qualification rate. Depends on the customers production amount, our machines can be customized with two or four filling nozzles, one or two inner stopper feeding and pressing devices, one or two exterior cap feeding and screwing devices. And this machine can also work with automatic empty bottles unscramble, automatic bottles labeling machine, ink-jet printer, to be automatic filling production line.

Features:  1:Widely applicable in foods, cosmetics, medicines, especially for high precision small dosage filling in small bottles. 2:Adopts advanced PLC+Touch screen operation system, easy to operate. Pneumatic mechanic hands take the inner stoppers and exterior caps, excellent stability and high precision.  3:Very low noise, low energy consumption. 4:The parts contact products are made of SUS 304 or SUS 316L, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, organic glass entire cover, safe, sanitary and dust proof, apply with GMP standard.


Working procedure: 

Empty bottles unscrambling (Or vibrative bowl feeder)-Empty bottles entry rotary cam Liquid filling-Inner stopper feeding and pressing-Exterior cap feeding-Exterior cap screwing-Finished bottles exit-Adhesive labels sticking-Date/Batch codes printing-Finished products collecting.

Capping Labeling Machine
Capping Labeling Machine

Product Details

Capping Labeling Machine

Bottle Feeding Table

Smart table arrange the bottle automatically, it will save your labor and improve production speed. Feeding table speed is

Filling system

It is according to material viscosity to do. It could be piston direactly filling, piston with hopper and peristaltic pump
fililng. It suitable liquid and cream

Capping Labeling Machine
Capping Labeling Machine

Cap Vibrator

Cap vibrator arrange the cap automaticlly , which can feeding sharp cap, dropper cap, spary cap ect.
Feeding vibrator need customize as customer cap samples, pls advise your samples before order.

Capping system

According to cap shape and size to custom made, capping force and height is adjustable

Capping Labeling Machine
Capping Labeling Machine


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