Automatic Electric Aluminum Cap Wine Glass Bottle ROPP Caps Sealing Capping Machine with Conveyor

Cap type:Aluminum cap


Diameter:Φ 50-100mm (bottle can be round or flat)

Height of bottle:100-350mm

Cap size:Φ20-35mm


Machine weight:350KG

Machine size:1000*1000*1900mm



Product Display

Automatic Aluminum Capping Machine

>> For ROPP cap,stelvin cap,sleeve closure,aluminum screw cap,lid closure

>>With cap vibratory bowl, feeding cap automaticlly

>> Speed can reach 25-40 bottles per min

aluminum capping machine can arrange the cap and capping automaticlly, is is suitable for many sahpe of the cap, flat round cap,aluminium round cap,flip top cap,push pull cap,sharp cap,dropper cap,washing bottle cap etc. 

Machine Details

aluminum capping machine is specially designed for the sealing of twist-off aluminum prilifer proof caps and bottle mouths.
Tight sealing: no leaking gas and liquid, no gaps, no scratches, and tight bottom sealing
Wide adaptability: The capping head  can choose a German flat pendulum head or a four-wheel balance lever head.
The bottle cap damage rate is small: the bottle mouth positioning device is adopted, the bottle mouth and the sealing head are positioned more accurately, and the utilization rate of the bottle cap is improved.
High degree of automation: ropp capping machine is equipped with automatic lid sorting and automatic lid hanging functions, and can be equipped with an automatic caps elevator device to realize fully automatic functions.
Long service life: the sealing wheel is made of special material, wear-resistant.

Product Details

Cap feeder

ropp capping machine for glass bottle is customized according to bottle caps diameter.It will help to arrange bottle caps before capping work,makes the production be in order and reduce production error.

The pressing head of aluminum capping machine will press bottle caps before capping,improves capping quality.We can customize multiple capping head of this machine according to production capacity.

Round bottle separating plate is designed to arrange bottle in order.The size of this plate will be customized according to your bottle size.

ropp capping machine simple control panel,it is easier to operate the machine.And the machine is designed with an emergency stop button,which can ensure the safety operation.


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