Automatic Flat Bottle Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine for Front&Back

Machine Power:110/220V 2500W

Working Speed:30-150 bottles/min(based on bottle size)

Labeling Accuracy:±1mm

Suitable Bottle Diameter:≤100mm

Suitable Labeling Object:W: 30-100mm; L:40-200mm; H:100-300mm

Suitable Label Size:25-200mm(L)*20-110mm(W)

Label Roll OD:≤Φ300mm

Label Roll ID:Φ76mm

Machine Size:About 300*1550*180cm(L*W*H)

Machine Weight:About 389kg

Package Size:About 235*127*155cm(L*W*H)

Package Weight:About 450kg



Product Display

double side labeling machine

Automatic Two Sided and Round Labeling Machine
>Apply for Stand Flat Bottle and Round Bottle Labeling
>Apply for Products Size L25-300MM, W10-200MM
>Labeling Speed Up to 50-150pcs/Min

automatic sticker labelling machine

Automatic Flat Bottle Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine for Front & Back Supplier
Automatic double-sided flat and round bottle labeling machine, The machine is not only suitable for flat bottles, but also for round bottles. It is suitable for food, daily general merchandise, chemical industry and other industries. The machine can label flat bottles, round bottles, single-sided and double-sided.The machine can add a date printer and a transparent photoelectric eye (for labeling transparent labels)

sticker labeling machine

1.Labeling mode: the machine supports single-sided labeling and double-sided labeling.
2.Labeling speed: the working speed can be adjusted, suitable for various working requirements.
3.The labeling machine can be equipped with a date printer and a transparent photoelectric eye to meet the work requirements of customers.
4. LCD control panel, easy to operate

Machine Power

110/220V 2500W

Working Speed

30-150 bottles/min(based on bottle size)

Labeling Accuracy


Suitable Bottle Diameter


Suitable Labeling Object

W: 30-100mm; L:40-200mm; H:100-300mm

Suitable Label Size


Label Roll OD


Label Roll ID


Machine Size

About 300*1550*180cm(L*W*H)

Machine Weight

About 389kg

Package Size

About 235*127*155cm(L*W*H)

Package Weight

About 450kg

Product Details

automatic sticker labelling machine

PLC control system
Double side labeling machine adopts standard PLC + touch screen+standard sensor electric control system control, human-computer interaction interface with full Chinese annotations and perfect fault prompt function, operation teaching function.

Bottle separation system
automatic sticker labeling machine equipped with an automatic bottle separation mechanism, the spacing is automatically separated before the bottle is guided to ensure the stability of the subsequent bottle guiding, conveying and labeling;

sticker labeling machine
double side labeling machine

Synchronous guide chain
The double-sided rigid plastic synchronous guide chain is used to automatically ensure the neutrality of the bottle, and the requirement for workers to put the bottle and the assembly line to dock the bottle is low, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the worker’s work or the assembly line docking. It can be produced on a single machine or connected to an assembly line.




Bottle pressing system
Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine Equipped with elastic pressure topping mechanism to ensure stable product delivery and effectively eliminate the inherent error of bottle height.

automatic sticker labelling machine
sticker labeling machine



Labeling machine is not only suitable for flat bottles,it is also suitable for round bottles.It can realize single side or double side labeling by replacing the round bottle labeling structure.




Photoelectric tracking system

Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no objects and no labeling, no label automatic correction and automatic label detection functions, to avoid wasting labels and missing labels.

automatic sticker labelling machine


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