Automatic Reagent Test Tube Filling Machine for Vacuum Blood Collection Tube


Filling type:Pump filling(piston filling can do for cream and paste)

Filling head qty:2

Voltage:110-60HZ 220V-50HZ


Air Consumption:0.4-0.6MPa

Filling Accuracy:±1%

Working Speed:50-70 bttles/min(based on material)

Size Of Filing Nozzle:Φ2mm

Size Of Air Compressor Connector:Φ8mm

Filling Range:5-50ML (can be customized according to need)

Machine Size:About 110*123*157cm

Packaging Size:Machine 135*125*148cm、Vibratory(3 sets)220*80*52cm

Gross weight:About 450kg



Product Display


>filling capping and the labelingit is good for filling liquid into small test tube and labeling stickers.

>High speed 50-70 tubes per min.

>With vibratory bowlwhich can feeding tube automaticlly

filling machine

This machine according to client sample tube non standard customize, liquid filling and capping integrate machine, mainly suit for tube unscramble, filling , cap feeder, capping, adopt vibration disc type bottle unscramble, peristaltic pump filling, electricand magnetic automatic automatic cap feeder, bottle mouth location capping,friction type or claw type capping, no bottle nofilling, no bottle no capping function. This machine is filling capping integrate , design reasonable, compact structure, easy operate and maintenance, comply to GMP standard.

Product Details

filling machine

Equipped with two pieces of bowl sorter for arrange bottles,which can make the production be in order before filling and capping work,reduce the production error.

Magnetic pump for liquid, sensor detect bottle automatic filling. According to material viscosity could be piston directly
filling, piston with hopper , and different pump filling. It suitable liquid and cream

filling machine
filling machine

With bottle cap feeder which can feed lids before capping bottle,This one needs to be
customized according to cap size.

bottle mould

The rotary disk bottle mould is designed for transporting bottles and finish filling capping.
filling speed can reach 50-70 bottles per min.

filling machine
filling machine

The capping head adopts mechanical claw cover (servo motor controlled capping claw),the capping head Torque and torque are controlled by servo, and torque servo control.

The chain conveyor belt is designed for small test tube,makes sure the small bottle like
the test tube can be transported stably and improves labeling quality.

filling machine
small bottle filling machine price

Date Coding can priting MFD(manufacture date), EXD(expiry date), BATCH((batch lot)
Can priting 3 lines
Thermal transfer ribbon printer optional.


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