Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Labeler Machines

Labeling Precision±1mm (excluding product and label error);

Power Supply:AC220V 50/60Hz 700W


Conveyor Speed:5~25 meters/minute;


Labeling Speed:10~35pcs/min(Related to product, label size);

Sticker Out-Come Speed:Stepping Motor: 5~19 meters/minute、Servo Motor: 5~25 meters/minute

Application Bottle SizeExternal diameter: Φ25-100mm;、Height: 25mm~300mm;

Applicable label sizeLabel Length: 20mm~290mm;、Label Width(body paper width): 20mm~120mm; 180mm (option)

Inner dia. of paper rollΦ76mm

External dia. of paper rollMax. Φ300mm

Size (LXWXH)2000mm×1150mm×1600mm


Attention: Non-standard Labeling SystemThe price shown on Alibaba system has no reference value. All final quotation based on your exact products details and requirements.



Product Display


>High quality stainless steel and import electric parts

>Posisition labeling,Labelingspeed25-50pcs/min

>Suitable for round bottle single side and double side labeling

automatic labeling machine


1:This automatic labeling machine is equipped with PLC control panel,which can help you adjust working data easily.It can be used for single side or double side labeling stickers on round bottles.It is made of stainless steel and imported electric parts.This machine is widely used in food,drinks,cosmetics and daily chemical industries.

2:We can supply you the optional bottle unscrambler turning table, which can be connected directly before the labeling machine, the operators can put the bottles on the rotary table, then the rotary table will send the bottles to the labeling machine to the labeling machine automatically.

3:. It also can match with bottle filling machine, capping machine, induction sealing machine, inkjet /laser / printer etc.

automatic labeling machine
automatic labeling machine

Our website price base on paper sticker label, if your bottle with transparent sticker label, pls contact with our customer service to change the sensor. Paper sticker and transparent sticker difference Paper sticker sensor only for paper material label, price is lower. Transparent sensor apply for both label, price is a little heigher.

automatic labeling machine

Product Details

automatic labeling machine

Touch Screen

High quality PLC ,Labeling speed, label out length is adjustable by the touch screen interface, automatic labeling saving labor and
improve production capacity.


Chain conveyor with steel plate support, smooth transition。Conveyor guide width and height is adjustable for different size of bottle,
easy change different round bottle labeling

automatic labeling machine
automatic labeling machine

Labeling Head Base

Multi angle adjustment base, convenient for customers to adjust different bottles and labels, higher labeling precision

 High quality sensor

The sensor detect bottles according to light transmittance,and the sensitivity can be adjusted if you need to label stickers on
bottles which are in different kinds of colors.This ensures labeling quality

automatic labeling machine
automatic labeling machine

Bottle Stopper

Equipped with bottle separating component,this can be used to separate bottle one by one, ensure good labeling effect.


Date Coding

It can priting MFD(manufacture date), EXD(expiry date), BATCH((batch lot)
Can priting 3 lines
Thermal transfer ribbon printer optional.

automatic labeling machine


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