Single Head Magnetic Pump Semi Automatic Nutrient Solution Milk Juice Hot Liquid Filling Machine

Model:No TMFM-01SC Single Head Magnetic Pump Filling Machine

Max Temperature:Max 100°C

Machine Voltage:110/220V 50-60Hz

Filling Flow Rate:4L/min

Mini Filling Volume:1ml

Max Filling Volume:500ml

Filling Accuracy:±1%

Suitable Bottle Size:φ≤80mm H≤100mm

Conveyor Size:600mm(L)*81mm(W)

Filling Speed:Adjustable

Working Mode:Manual/Automatic/Intelligent induction mode

Machine Size:About 636*166*179mm

Package Size:About 650*170*180mm

Net weight/Gross weight:About 3kg/3.6kg



Product Display

semi automatic liquid filling machine

Automatic single head liquid filling machine
>Magnetic pump, 4L flow rate per min.
> with intelligent induction function, can fill liquid accurately.

The biggest advantage of semi automatic liquid filling machine is the Intelligent induction working mode.This one can detect bottles and filling liquid automatically.It can help you reduce working error and filling liquid accurately.Magentic pump for filling high temperature liquid.It is with small design but the function is great, it is suitable for small capacity
Single head magnetic pump hot liquid filling machine can be used to fill water,beverage,sauce.juice,soybean milk,toner etc.The flling liquid must be without particle and not viscous.It is not suitable for machine oil,paste,honey etc.It is an deal choice for the small production.

Product Details

Magentic pump of semi automatic filling machine liquid

Magnetic pump filling machine can fill liquid accurately and fast, which can help you improve production capacity. Magnetic pump is stainless steel, using life is longer than other digital pump.

Hot Liquid Filling Machine Guiding rod

It’s designed for guiding the bottles, making them in correct position

Single Head Magnetic Pump Semi Automatic Hot Liquid Filling Machine is used to detect bottles, preventing from missing bottles, when it detects the bottle, the conveyor will stop moving and the nozzle will start filling bottle. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted by the Fiber Amplifier.




Fill liquid by setting the time controller to control filling time and bottle volume Black button to control conveyor fillling speed.




Conveyor of Magnetic Pump Semi Automatic Nutrient Solution Milk Juice Hot Liquid Filling Machine Transfer bottles and fill liquid automatically,can greatly improve production efficiency,saving labor costs.


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