Automatic Single Nozzle Tracking Cream Paste Filling Machine with Capping



Filling Head:1 Head

Filling Range:100-1000ml (Can be customized)

Filling Speed:1800-2500bottles/hour(depend on material and bottle size)

Filling Accuracy:±1%

Air Pressure:0.6-0.7Mpa

Air Consumption:6-7m³/min

Filling Nozzle Moving Distance:About 400mm

Conveyor Size:Conveyor Size

Machine Material:About 113*4000mm

Machine Material:Stainless Steel

Machine Size:About 5000*1500*2100mm

Machine Weight:About 515kg



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Automatic Single Nozzle Tracking Cream Paste Filling Machine with Capping

>>Movable filling heads, fast and efficient

>> Measured by precision piston, it can filling accurately

>> It can work with labeling machine, to realize automatic production

automatic tracking filling machine

This tracking filling machine is equipped with servo motor and you just need to enter the certain number to adjust filling range.Compared with other filling machine,this automatic tracking filling machine can control filling nozzle follow moving bottles during filling work. single nozzle filling machine reduce production error and improve filling accuractely. Automatic Single Nozzle Tracking Cream Paste Filling Machine with Capping is designed for filling paste like curry paste,tomato sauce,pepper sauce,each nozzle can be controlled separately.

Product Details

Different from other filling machines,the filling heads of this machine will automatically move with the bottles during filling,rather than stopping to fill.Greatly improve efficiency.With anti-dripping function,it will fill liquid accurately.

Piston filling sytem for liquid and paste can filling accurately

With PLC control panel,it is easy to set working parameters like filling speed.It is with an emergency stop button, ensuring a safe working environment. The language of control panel can be customized as needed.Please contact us if you need.

automatic tracking filling machine
automatic tracking filling machine


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