Automatic Water Jar Honey Hand Sanitizer Bottle Piston Pump Filling Capping and Labeling Machine

Machine Model:TAFM-6PM

Voltage:110-60HZ 220V-50HZ


Air Consumption:0.4-0.6MPa

Filling Accuracy:±1%

Working Speed:20-50 bttles/min(based on material)

Size Of Filing Nozzle:φ10mm

Size Of Air Compressor Connector:Φ8mm

Filling Range:10-120ML/30-300ML/50-500ML/100-1000ML/300-3000ML/500-5000ML

Machine Size:About 2000*750*1700mm

Packaging Size:About 2050*800*1830mm

Net weight/Gross weight:About 200kg/260kg



Product Display

Automatic Filling Capping Labeling Line

>Suitabel for all kinds of liquid,sauce, paste and filling and capping and labeling

>Filling with piston feeding pump, which is convenience to feeding materail.

>Whole line only 1 labor to operation, saving labor cost.

Filling Machine:

This automatic piston pump filling machine is equipped with feeding pump,this is more convenient for feeding filling material.Different filling range can be chosen and multiple filling nozzle can be customized according to operation need.

It is widely used in the filling of various semi-fluids, pastes, viscous bodies, sauces and various granule-containing material, such as pulp-containing beverages, shampoo, laundry detergent, hand washing, honey, jams, ketchup, chili sauce, bean paste, shrimp paste, apple sauce, salad dressing.

Labeling Precision

±1mm (excluding product and label error);

Power Supply

AC220V 50/60Hz 700W

Conveyor Speed

5~25 meters/minute;

Labeling Speed

10~35pcs/min(Related to product, label size);

Sticker Out-Come Speed

Stepping Motor: 5~19 meters/minute


Servo Motor: 5~25 meters/minute

Application Bottle Size

External diameter: Φ25-100mm;


Height: 25mm~300mm;

Applicable label size

Label Length: 20mm~290mm;


Label Width(body paper width): 20mm~120mm; 180mm (option)

Inner dia. of paper roll


External dia. of paper roll

Max. Φ300mm

Size (LXWXH)




Product Details

filling capping and labeling machine

Anti-dripping piston filling nozzles ensure materail don’t dripp out during filling. And the the height of filling nozzles can be adjusted according to bottle size, 

Feeding pump

Equipped with piston feeding pump,it can feed filling material automatically and no need to pour material into tank.This helps to save production labor and improve production efficiency.

filling capping and labeling machine

Liquid level device and feeding pump

Machine with liquid level sensor in hopper, when the sensor detect material below the level,

piston feeding pump will feed filling material automatically and no need to pour material into tank.

With bottle cap feeder which can feed lids before capping bottle.This device  needs to be customized according to cap size.

filling capping and labeling machine
filling capping and labeling machine

Round labeling machine Chain conveyor with steel plate support, smooth transition Conveyor guide width and height is adjustable for different size of bottle,easy change different round bottle


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