Capsules Tablets Pills Softgel Counting and Filling Packing Production Line

Automatic Capsule & Tablet Counting Production  Apply for Pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules and other solid tablets



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Automatic Capsule & Tablet Counting Production Line Apply for Pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules and other solid tablets

capsules tablets pills counting and packing line
capsules tablets pills counting and packing line

1: Feeding table

2:capsule counting machine

3:Desiccant stuffing machine

4:Automatic Capping Machine

5:Induction sealing machine

6:labeling Machine

Product Details

Bottle Feeding Table

This series of equipment is mainly used for the storage, and automatic bottle feeding of the front process of the filling machine.Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, plastic, cosmetics and other industries

capsules tablets pills counting and packing line

Automatic Capsule & Tablet counting machine

Electronic Counting Machine is mainly suitable for medicine, industry, chemical industry, food and other industries. It can be widely used for counting and bottling solid preparations, such as pills, sugar-coated tablets, plain tablets, soft and hard capsules and other shapes of medicine granules. This machine can be used independently, and can also form a linked production line with other supporting equipment such as bottle unscrambler, paper stopper, capping machine, sealing and labeling machine.


1.Three-stage vibrators:With 8-channel vibration, materials are distributed more evenly.

2.Reliable operation:It runs stably and smoothly with low noise.

3.High dust resistance:It adopts unique anti-dust photoelectric sensor.

4.Accurate counting:Due to photoelectric sensor detection and imported large PLC counting, bottle-filling error meets the international standard.

5.Optional function:If special components are added, it can possess functions such as rejecting unqualified capsules or tablets and photoelectric detection alarming for lack of bottles or bottles being blocked.

6.Simple operation:With intelligent design, various operating parameters can be set in advance, including at most 15 sets in memory.

7.Easy maintenance:The operator only requires simple training as the disassemble, cleaning and replacement of parts are easy to carry out without the need of tools.

8.Sealed and dustproof:It is equipped with a dust box to reduce dust pollution.

9.The platform height can be adjusted according to the bottle height.

10.The machine is equipped with a power supply voltage stabilizing system, so it can still work normally in areas with unstable power supply.

capsules tablets pills counting and packing line
capsules tablets pills counting and packing line
capsules tablets pills counting and packing line

High-Speed Capping Machine

High-Speed Capping Machine can complete the process of automatic bottle feeding, cap unscrambling, cap conveying, cap putting, cap pressing, cap screwing and bottle discharging. It is designed in strict accordance with pharmaceutical GMP standard and technological requirements. The design and manufacturing principle of this machine is to provide the best, most accurate and most efficient cap screwing work at the highest efficiency. The main drive parts of the machine are placed in the electric cabinet, which helps avoid the pollution to materials due to wear of drive mechanism. The parts in contact with materials are polished with high precision. Besides, the machine is equipped with safety protection devices that can shut down the machine if no cap is detected, and that can start the machine as cap is detected.

Induction Sealing machine

This machine is widely used for sealing aluminum foil of plastic and glass bottles or jars by induction. Its induction sealing way is the most advanced sealing way in dairy, food, pharmacy, beverage, cosmetic, snacks and chemical industries.

Automatic round Bottle Labeling

This automatic labeling machine is equipped with PLC control panel,which can help you adjust working data easily.It can be used for single side or double side labeling stickers on round bottles.It is made of stainless steel and imported electric parts.This machine is widely used in food,drinks,cosmetics and daily chemical industries.

capsules tablets pills counting and packing line
Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


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