Cosmetic Peristaltic Pump Liquid Filler Small Bottle Filling Machine Price With Bottle Tray

Voltage:AC 180V-280V (please leave us a message if you need 110V)

Power:10*40W /8*40W /6*40W

Filling Range:0.5ml-100ml  /min each pump

Max Suck Distance:1.2 Meter

Filling nozzles:1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10

Max Flow Rate:600ml/min each pump

Package Size:600*460*330(mm) 


Anti-dripping Function Available

Memory Function out of power Available

Outside diameter of filling nozzle 6mm (If you need smaller 6mm, please leave message with us.)


A:The machine is not good for 100% VG. Because it is very viscous. it should be 30% VG or less owing to the weak pump motor. As for 50% or 70% VG rate e liquid,please fill it with heat. Or else the heavy liquid will affect the filling speed and accuracy.

B:If filling different liquid, just exchange the suction tube.

C:This product provides one year warranty except the silicone tubes, product quality problems within one year, the company will provide free maintenance service.


Product Display

Small bottle peristaltic pump filling machine

>Peristaltic pump is suitable filling mini bottle of various perfume, essentail oil,solvent,eyedrop ect.

>Tabletop type, with bottle mould moving to filling, speed is about 30-50 bottles/min

>Different volumes will be memorized,machine will be easier to adjust


This liquid filling machine is filled with anti-corrosion peristaltic pumps, easy to clean and change tubes, customized trays. Automatic sensing the bottles,each filling nozzle can be operated and filled separately. In order to prevent dripping, the nozzle adopts a unidirectional plastic unidirectional discharge nozzle that prevents backflow.

It is a versatile liquid filling equipment, suitable for material packaging in the pharmaceutical,
chemical, food, and cosmetic industries; such as: medicinal reagents, liquid medicine, alcohol, Make-up remover, toner, essence, essential oil, etc. various trial or small volume product filling.


1. Import single-chip microcomputer control, high efficiency, low power consumption

2. Automatic counting function, effectively control filling quantity

3. Digital tube display, touch screen is very easy to operate

4. High filling accuracy

5. Wide Voltage range

6. Working performance is stable and can be used for long time

7. This can self-suck the liquid.

8. The pump can stand acid and alkali

9. Anti-dripping design 

10. Reasonable design, made of stainless steel, meet GMP requirement

Product Details

Bottle tray as customer bottle diameter to customize, machie with one piece bottle tray. If you need extra qty, pls advise to our online service.

PC peristaltic pump not suitable strong crrosive liquid and essentail oil, but for neutral liquid

PA materail pump can stand strong corrovise liquid and essential oil, Flourine rubber  speical for corrosive liquid.


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