Cosmetic TOP Mixing Homogneizer Tank Detergent 1000 Liters

Tank Working capacity:1000L


Inner tank:SUS316L,Thickness:5mm

Middle layer:SUS304,Thickness:4mm

Outter layer:SUS304,Thickness:2mm

Cover lid:Half open design,convenience feeding material

Heating type:Electric heating, water circulating cooling

Mixing paddle, shaft and scraper:Frame type t mixer with scraper(TEFLON scraper)

Mixing motor Power:4KW Speed:0-60rpm

Top homogeizer motor Power:11KW; Speed:0-3000rpm



Product Display

*** Three layers stainless steel, Each layer is mirror polished
***Electric heating bar is installed in the bottom of mixer tank
*** 1000L working capacity, top mixing and homogenizer function.

Cosmetic TOP Mixing Homogneizer Tank Detergent 1000 Liters is mainly suitable for preparation of liquid detergents (such as cleanser essence, shampoo and shower cream etc.). Integrating blending, dispersing, heating and cooling etc. functions, the machine is an ideal device for liquid preparation in various factories. It mainly adopt SUS304, the part of contacting material are SS316, the heating device can be choosed in steam or electric , homogenizer make the cosmetic material to be sheared by high speed, and react with each other.
1. Daily Chemical & Cosmetics Industry: Such as baby cream, skin cream face cream, shaving cream, shaving cream, cream shampoo, toothpaste, cold cream, sunscreen cream, face cleanser, moisture cream, detergent, shampoo etc;
2. Food Industry: Sauce, cheese, oral, nutrition, infant food, chocolate, sugar and so on., tomato paste etc;
3. Pharmacy Industry: Latex, emulsions, salves (ointments), oral syrup, liquid. etc;


Working capacity:1000L


1  3 layer tank,contact with materail is SUS316

2  Top mixing,Top homogenizer

3  Button control

4  Delta dual frequency

5  Electric heating



Inner tank


Middle layer


Outter layer


Cover lid

Half open design,convenience feeding material

Heating type

Electric heating, water circulating cooling

Mixing paddle, shaft and scraper

Frame type t mixer with scraper(TEFLON scraper)

Mixing motor

Power:4KW Speed:0-60rpm

Top homogeizer motor

Power:11KW; Speed:0-3000rpm

Product Details

Mixing Blade
cosmetic mixing tank frame mixer with food grade Teflon wall-scraper to scrap off the product stick on the inner layer.
Top homogenizer, Frequency conversion step-less speed control, digital display.

Bottom discharge
mixing tank 1000 liters can be discharged form Bottom discharge outlet directly or through a pump

Power Heater

mixing tank homogenizer  with  big power heater, which has steel saftey cover, and heating speed is fast, which can help you shorten the production speed. When using water as the heating medium, you can heat up to 100 degrees. If you need to reach more than 100 degrees, you can use heat conduction oil, which can be heated up to 300 degrees




Top Homogenizer & Mixing Motor
Motor: three phase asynchronous motor, 3phase 380V,
Transmission: reducer and special gear structure transmission
Frequency converter: digital display, stepless speed regulation




Electricacl components
Imported brand electronic components are used for stable operation,long service life,careful control and routing,and careful over-voltage protection.


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