Desktop Benchtop Automatic Shampoo Sprays Round Plastic Bottle Capping Machine With Cap Feeder

Product Name:Automatic capping machine with cap feeder



Air Source:0.4MPa-0.6MPa

Bottle Cap Range:Standard:20mm-68mm; Customize:15mm-70mm;20mm-115mm

Bottle Size:Bottle height:80mm-300mm;

Can be customized 15mm-100mm; (other sizes can be customized)

Whole Machine Size:L2000mm*W620mm*H1600mm

Product Weight:About 250kg



Product Display

Automatic Capping Machine With Cap Feeder

*automatic cap loading and automatic cap screwing 

*35-45 bottles/min, apply for most of caps.

This capping machine can arrange the cap and capping automaticlly, is is suitable for many sahpe of the cap, f lat round cap,aluminium round cap,flip top cap,push pull cap,sharp cap,dropper cap,washing bottle cap etc. 

dust-proof cover can be purchased.

Product Details

Cap Feeder

Cap feeder arrange cap on bottle automaticlly, vibrator customized as differerent cap shape, pls help to confirm the cap picture and size to our customer service before order.

Rotary Knob for bottle stopper

Bottle stop postion is adjustable according to the bottle height by rotating this knob, it will convenience for customer adjust the machine.

Emergency Button

With Stop button, it can protect the machine from damage and keep the operator safe during working.

Torsion Button

Torsion button is  used for loosing or tightening the capping roller,compare with picton screw, which is easier to adjust for customer.

Bottle Sensor(Pansonic Brand)

Pansonic high quality sensor sensors the bottle automaticlly, it can  help to improve working speed and save a lot of labor.

Press mold

When the sensor detects the bottle cap, press mold to push the bottle cap in the right position,  then screw the cap to ensure the effect of the capping


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