Ex-Proof 5 Gallon Bucket Pail Net Weight Bottle Filling Machine

Material:SUS304 Stainless Steel



Filling volume(weight):10 litres to 30 litres

Filling speed:50-120barrel/hour

Air consumption:0.6m³/h

Bottle height:300mm-500mm


Power:Total 1KW

Filling nozzles:2/4/6/8/10

Filling precision:99.8%

Air pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa

Bottle dia:¢250mm-¢350mm



Product Display

Net Weight Filling Machine is widely used in coating, ink, coating, asphalt, glue, lubricant, petrochemical, fine chemical and other industries.

Semi-Automatic Two Heads Ex-Proof 5 Gallon Bucket Pail Net Weight Bottle Filler for filling liquids into large containers and pails is designed with a load cell and platform sized for standard 5 Gallon Pails and 20L 30L Jerry cans. This equipment is a double-head weighing explosion-proof filling machine.
The work flow is as follows: manually put the barrel → press the tare → press the start→ the head is automatically inserted into the barrel → automatic double-speed filling → complete automatic lifting → manually lower the barrel cap.

Product Details

Filling Heads
Stainless steel filling head has anti-drop design, It promise do not waste the material. And diameter of filling head basis on the diameter of customer’s barrel’s mouth.

Explosion-proof control box
Compared with the ordinary distribution box, the explosion-proof distribution box has a higher level of safety protection, which can more intuitively describe the conduction status of the circuit.In case of failure, it is easy to manage and repair.

Feeding pump
Anti corrosive feeding pump are optional.
Feeding pump are available based on different products.



PVC material for anti corrosion

The machine is mainly made of PVC material with purpose of the anti corrosive.
It,s widely used for all kinds of acid alkaline liquids.




Each filling head has a weighing and feedback system that can fill each head. Filling for filling setup, adjustment and monitoring.


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