Fully Automatic Small Scale Juice Water Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

Model No:TLFM-D6 Diaphragm pump filling machine

Power Supply Voltage110/220V 50-60HZ


Maximum flow velocity:4000ml/min(Each nozzle and base on water)

Working speed:1500-3000 bottles/hour(depends on bottle size and liquid)

Air pressure:0.3-0.4MPa

Filling accuracy:≤+1% (For water)

Diameter of filling nozzle:6/8mm

Delay Range:0.01-999.9s

Count Range:1-99999 Times

Package size:About 1110*650*420mm

Gross weight:About55 kg

Filling Volume:3-1000ml(220V)3- 500ml(110V)since the power of 110v machine is not large, so we recommend 3-500ml for each nozzle

Size of air compressor connector:OD 8mm

Bottle height:<220mm(Can be customized,max height 300mm



Product Display

Compact Digital Control Pump Liquid Filling Machine.Controled by micro-computer, fill liquid by setting the filling time and
speed.Filling Liquid From 3-4000ml very precisely per filling head.Digital Panel, very easy to operate.

Product Details

Diaphragm pump No need to oil seal, no oil inside, on pollution when fill liquid 2. The pump chamer is serpareated from the motor, the liquid will not permeate into the motor when you use it for a long time, which greatly prolongs the life of the pump. 3. Sealing well, fast self-priming and stable, no need to manually add water.

Nozzles with anti-dripping function, each nozzle can be used to fill different liquid at the same time

Digital tube display touch screen, easy to control working data and with the automatic counting function, can control the fling quantity effectively.

Transfer bottles and fill liquid automatically, can greatly improve production efficiency, saving labor costs

Can sense the bottles and send the signal back to the system, make sure machine filling accurately and not miss any bottles.


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