Automatic Plastic Glass Brush Bottle UV Glue Remover Gel Nail Polish Filling Capping and Labeling Machine

Machine Model:TRFM Nail Polish Filling Machine

Filling type:Pump filling(piston filling can do for cream and paste)

Filling head qty:1 or 2

Voltage:110-60HZ 220V-50HZ


Air Consumption:0.4-0.6MPa

Filling Accuracy:±1%

Working Speed:30-40 bttles/min(based on material)

Size Of Filing Nozzle:Φ2mm

Size Of Air Compressor Connector:Φ8mm

Filling Range:5-500ML

Machine Size:About 200*160*190cm

Packaging Size:About 210*170*210mm

Net weight/Gross weight:About 390kg/450kg



Product Display

Nail Polish Filling Machine

Nail Polish Filling Capping Labeling Line

>Suitabel for nail polish filling capping and top cap labeling

>High speed 30-40 bottles per min

>Feeding bottle automatilly,saving labor cost.

>Labeling machine speed up to 80 pcs/minute

Product Details

nail polish bottle filling capping machine bottle feeding table
Smart table arrange the bottle automatically, it will save your labor and improve production speed. Feeding table speed is

Nail  Polish Filling Capping Labeling Filling system

Digit pump for liquid paste, sensor detect bottle automatic filling. According to material viscosity could be piston directly filling, piston with hopper , and different pump filling. It suitable liquid and cream

Nail Polish Filling Machine Rotary bottle mould

The rotary disk bottle mould is designed for transporting bottles and finnish filling capping precss. It is suitable for all kinds of irregular-shape bottle. it is fast to discharge blue mould to change different shape bottle



Automatic Plastic Glass Brush Bottle UV Glue Remover Gel Nail Polish Filling Capping and Labeling Machine With bottle cap feeder which can feed the brush cap before feeding outer capping ,This one needs to be customized according to cap size



Cap Vibrator for outer cap

Cap vibrator arrange the cap automaticlly , which can feeding sharp cap, dropper cap, spary cap ect. Feeding vibrator need customize as customer cap samples, pls advise your samples before order




Servo motor capping chuck are designed to cap bottle with thread,this machine is suitable for different shapes of bottles like pump head bottle,dropper bottle and pointed cap bottles


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