Perfume Bottle Vacuum Filling Filler Machine Semi Automatic

Model NoTSFM-04D

Filling capacity5-500ml

Bottle height≤300mm

Min diameter(bottle hole)≧4.5mm

Max diameter (bottle hole)≤20mm

Filling speed15-30 bottles/min

Filling heads1 or 2 heads

Air pressure0.4Mpa

Weight25kg(1 head) 35kg(2 heads)

Dimension280x350x600mm 280x350x600mm

Suction speed5.5L/min




Product Display


>Filling volume: below 200ml

>Filling Accuracy: Within±1ml

>Bottle high: Max 300mm

>Air consumption:0.5m3/min

>Air pressure range: 0.4-0.6mpa

vacuum bottle filler
  1. This machine adopt fully pneumatic control so it is very suitable for the filling of high foam materials and different capacity of containers.

B.The design concept of this machine which developed by our company is: through increase pressure on the filling head, vacuum generator achieves a partial sealing environment in the re flow liquid bottle and filling container. Thus generate a partial vacuum (negative pressure).through vacuum suction to achieve filling process.

C.This machine is an ideal type machine which can reach the ideal filling speed and effect after practical commissioning the machine as according to size of the filling container.

vacuum bottle filler
vacuum bottle filler

Product Details

vacuum bottle filler

Hand wheel with thread rod to be easy adjust the filling height to meet different bottles volume

Filling nozzles diameter is 1.5mm Filling nozzles are design into double layers, made of stainless steel 316, filling and recycling at the same time.

vacuum bottle filler
vacuum bottle filler

The filling head has two pipe, one for filling, another for return perfume liquid, it will make sure all liquid bottles bo be same level after filling.

It is safe and electricity saving with low filling noise. The parts and table surface that contact the materials are all made of  304 stainless steel.

vacuum bottle filler
vacuum bottle filler

Foot switch control, save labor and improve working efficiency Also the pedal is good quality stainless steel, long using time.


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