Semi Automatic Auger Dosing Powder Filling Machine

Model No:TPPF-2S

Measuring method:Screw metering or electronic weighing

Power supply:220V 50Hz-60Hz

Packaging accuracy (tested with flour):≤±0.01g

Packaging volume:0.2-2g (filling parts need to be replaced)

Packing speed:≤1500bottles/min(depending on packing specifications and materials)

Suitable bottle height:60mm

Suitable bottle diameter:10mm


Hopper capacity:10L





Product Display


>50L Hopper can be half open and it more easy for screw change or inner wall cleaning

>Changing the auger attachmentit fits for lots of material ranging from fine-powder to granule.

>PLC+ Touch screen control English version interface

filling machine
filling machine

Automatic screw powder filling machine

Suitable for food, medicine, biology, chemical industry and so on.Such as dry powder,coffee powder, veterinary drugs, powder granular additives, sugar, glucose, monosodium glutamate, solid drinks, solid medicine, carbon powder, powder, pesticides, dyes, flavors, etc.

filling machine


1.Made of stainless steel 304, meet GMP standard
2.Servo control auger, more stable and accuracy -Step motor can be economical customized
3.PLC+ Touch screen control, English version interface
4.Electric scale or load cell connect with touch screen for weight feedback, machine can be used by weight or by volume according the user need
5.Same material same screw ,once 1 spec parameter item preset , just change the target weight on work page then inner item like the fast filling weight , slow filling weight and mini weight value will be change automatically
6.Changing the auger attachment, it fits for lots of material ranging from fine-powder to granule.
7.Top Hopper equipped with level sensor to control the feeding machine work automatically
8.Foot Pedal control filling
9.50L Hopper can be half open and it more easy for screw change or inner wall cleaning
10.Stand pole of filler is in round shape. All parts like the electric cabinet ,touch screen box ,bag clamper or scale frame etc fixed on it easily by metal clamper .
11.Material entrance and dust exit on both side of auger filler .it can be changeable so feeder can be placed from different side according user workshop situation.
12.Insider mixing blade can be adjustable by bolts to match different size screw to assure the accuracy when packing

Product Details

filling machine

Inclined screw conveyor can convey different material,like all kinds of dry powder, grain flour and small granules Full stainless steel frame. 100 L big hopper.
Big power feeding motor and high speed screw feeding.

Stainless steel hopper

50L big volume hopper,and with easy open and cleaning function.

filling machine
filling machine

Touch screen PLC control system.
The parameters can be adjust easily.

Working table

Suit for different type container,such as bag,bottle,can,tin,jar,etc.
It greatly reduces labor intensity.

filling machine
filling machine

Good quality and fine polished auger screw
Wide filling range,the filling volume and speed all can be adjustable.
Suit for powder to small particles and other materials

Metering screw driven by servo motor, particularly suitable for situation with requirements. It is of high accuracy, high speed and more stability.


filling machine


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