Semi Automatic Hair Wax Vaseline Heating Filling Machine With Mixer

Model NO:TSFM-01H

Filling range:5-60ml、10-120ml、25-250ml、50-500ml

Air pressure required:4-6mpa、5-8mpa

Filling speed:0-20 bottles per minute(base on how familiar you operate with the machine)

Filling accuracy:±0.5%

Net weight of machine:80kg、81kg、82kg、85kg

Gross weight of machine:100kg、101kg、102kg、105kg

Machine dimension(L*W*H):about 800*500*1700mm

Machine package dimension(L*W*H):about 1800*900*700mm



Product Display

  1. Semi automatic piston type hot filling machine with heating jacket is suitable for various kinds of product which needs to be heated before filling, like vaseline, hair wax, wax candle, shoe oil, Cooling oil, soap, tiger balm, ointment, balmand etc.
  2. Our filling machine has fully heating functionof the whole filling system, including hopper, piston insdie the machine, filling nozzles.
  3. Machine has small Stirrer in the hopperto let the material accelerate and evenly heat
  4. Our filling machine is pneumatic driven piston, is easy to operate, easy to clean, is a hot sales filling machine model with competitive price.
  5. Our semi automatic hot filling machine with heating jacket is CE certificated, meets the GMP standard.
  6. This semi automatic filling machine is adjustable will be suitable for different kinds of bottles, different height and shapes. Means you can buy only 1 machine to do the filling work to all your bottles.
  7. The filling range of the machine is adjustable, can meet your different products filling volume requirements.
  8. Filing nozzles is anti-drop design, machine with a high filling accuracy.
  9. Our Semi-automatic Piston Pharmacy Paste Vaseline Mixer Balm Filling Machine Mixing Heated will be offered 2 whole year warrantyafter you get the machine, after sales service and technical supports will be offered to you forever.

Product Details

Stainless steel filling nozzles with anti trap function, filling material will not flow out during filling.

304 stainless steel plate form, which height can move up and down as different volume bottle.

Paddle mixing, Using lager paddle, stepless speed regulation, mixing material more effectively

304 stainless steel 45L large capacity, 316 stainless steel filling system, mirror polish hopper. well-known brand motor (CE certification), voltage 220V, 50 / 60Hz, power 60W

Big brand electrical components, pure copper circuit, durable. Heating system switch (with indicator light), heating system temperature setting, stirring speed regulator.

Power 2200W, water heating in full filling system


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