Shampoo Lotion Detergent Spouted Pouch Filler and Capper for Sale

Voltage: 220V/110V 50-60Hz

Power: 1500W

Filling Pump: Piston Pump

Working Speed: 1200-2000pouch/min(depending on filling materials and pouch size)

Filling Range: 20-200ml,100-1000ml,250-2500ml 500-5000ml (Can be customized)

Applicable Cap Size: Can be customized

Air Pressure: 0.6Mpa

Machine Size: About 173*120*168Cm

Package size: 183*140*199

Gross weight: About 380kg



Product Display

Spouted Pouch Filler and Capper

Auto Two Heads Stand Pouch Filling Capping Machine
 Feeding pouch-Filling-Feeding cap-automatic capping
 Piston pump with hopper for liquid and cream pouch
 Siemens touch screen and servo motor capping with high quality

The spout pouch filling capping machine is designed for filling liquid into spout pouch bag like laundry detergent,essence,juice.It is equipped with piston pump,different filling range can be chosen as need.It is widely used in food,daily chemical industries.

Main features of stand up spout pouch filling machines
1.Spouted pouch filler for sale are specially made for pouch juice,yogurt,baby food, tomato sauce,jam,water,spirit,vinegar,liquid fertilizer,toilet cleanser,lubricant oil,milk,liquor,disinfectant fluid,bleach,other chemical and biology liquid filling.

2.The spout pouch filling machine is a full automatic system, PLC control, 7 inch touch screen operator, Siemens, Schneider, Airtac, Omron world famous electric and pneumatic components.

3.Automatic Juice Drinks Laundry Detergent Jelly Milk Stand Spout Pouch Filling Capping Machines are made of good quality 304/316 stainless steel and alloy aluminum. If for corrosive products, anti-corrosion machines by PVC PP material can be customized.

4.Filling volumes can be adjusted easily in the touch screen. We use quick and fast joints for building the machines which is easy for dismentling the machines and maintenance,and convenient for cleaning.

5.The machines are with automatic liquid level control system for feeding, which is very high automation.

6.The filling nozzles are specially made for anti-drips with years of experience which prevent the products dripping on the bottles while filling.

7.Filling nozzles are customized depends on your capacity required. 2nozzles,4nozzles,6nozzles,8nozzles, available.

8. Mixing hopper, hot filling with temperature controlled system are available according to different products.


220V/110V 50-60Hz



Filling Pump

Piston Pump

Working Speed


(depending on filling materials and pouch size)

Filling Range

20-200ml,100-1000ml,250-2500ml 500-5000ml (Can be customized)

Applicable Cap Size

Can be customized

Air Pressure


Machine Size

About 173*120*168Cm

Package size


Gross weight

About 380kg

Machine Configuration

Machine Component






Servo Indexer


Foshan, China







Touch Screen



Product Details



spout pouch filling and capping machine with bag feeding system,it can feed pouches automatically.feeding channel size it can be customized according to your production need.(※Suggest one size capping head match one feeding channel)



Spouted Pouch Filler and Capper with hopper, with liquid level sensor in hopper, when the sensor detect material below the level
Equipped with 60L large material hopper, Multiple functions can be customized like mixing and heating. If you need it pls contact us.

spouted pouch filler
Spouted pouch filler for sale



Filling Head
spouted pouch filler filling nozzles is driven by piston pump,Anti-dripping piston filling nozzles ensure materiel don’t drip out during filling.
And the the height of filling nozzles can be adjusted according to bag size
it can fill liquid like laundry detergent,oil.Filling range can be customized according to production need.



Vibrating bowl of caps
Stainless steel vibrating bowl alone with cap channel and monitor controller to ensure smooth feeding caps

Spouted Pouch Filler and Capper
spouted pouch filler



Servo capping head is suitable for tightening screw-type caps.with good quality servo motor,it can run steadily.It can be multi cap size.



Filling pump
Piston designed for filling liquid cream and paste into spout pouch bag, like juice,yogurt,baby food, tomato sauce,jam etc.

Spouted pouch filler for sale
Spouted Pouch Filler and Capper


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