Six Heads Small Scale Fruit Juice Vinegar Soy Sauce Essential Oil Perfume Water Liquor Filling Machine

Voltage:AC 220V/110V


Filling Range:10-4500ML*6

Suggest Filling volume :10-1000ml

Max Flow Rate:4.5L/min*6

Max Suck Distance:2 meter

Anti-leaking Function:Available

Memory Function:Available

Filling Nozzle OD Size:4mm and 6mm

Material Of Pump:316 Stainless Steel

Net Weight/Gross weight:About 23.6kg/32kg

Machine Size:About 70*44*28Cm

Package Size:About 76*51*37Cm



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Semi Automatic 6 Heads Magnetic Pump Filling Machine

>Suitable for filling 3≦PH≦9 corrosive liquid like insecticide, solotion

> Magnetic pump, pump volume is 4.5L per min,fast filling speed, high accurate

>It is good choice for low viscous corrosive,high temperature and little

foamy liquid.

filling machine semi automatic

This kind of semi automatic filling machine is equipped with stainless steel magnetic pump.The 316 magnetic pump is suitable for filling corrosive liquid like insecticide,solution.The magnetic pump filling machine has the advantage that it can fill liquid more accurately,suitable for filling small volume products like perfume,essential is widely used in beverage,cosmetics,food,and daily chemical industries.


It can be used to fill water,beverage,sauce.juice,soybean milk,toner etc.The flling liquid must be without particle and not viscous.It is not suitable for machine oil,paste,honey etc.It is an deal choice for the small production.

Product Details

filling machine semi automatic

The filling nozzle is with anti-dripping design,different diameter of filling nozzle will be offered as different size of bottle. Standard machine with 4mm and 6mm diameter nozzles.

Simple and clear control panel, working parametes can be controlled by press buttons. The machine with counting function, which can help you save production precess. While filling speed can be adjusted according to production requirment

filling machine semi automatic

Equipped pedal switch, which is suitable for testing the machine. Machine with two working modes, automatic mode(after setting filling and waiting time) and inching mode(controlled by the pedal switch), pls choose the suitable one according to opeation need.

316 Stainless Steel Pump 

Filling volume:1-5000ml

Suitable liquid:Ordinary liquid, corrosive,high temperature and little foamy liquid. 

Plastic and steel pump

Filling volume:1-3000ml

Suitable liquid:little foamy liquid

And ordinary liquid only

filling machine semi automatic


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