Stand Up Spouted Pouch Filling machine Semi Automatic Two Heads

Model:GT2P -100、GT2P -300、GT2P -500、GT2P -1000、GT2P -2500、GT2P -5000

Filling range:10-100ML、30-300ML、50-500ML、100-1000ML、250-2500ML、1000-5000ML

Filling nozzle:two nozzles

Filling speed:20-60 bags/min

Filling accuracy:within 1%

Air pressure:0.4-0.6mpa

Control mode:electric and pneumatic

Packaging dimension:96*70*46cm、100*80*50cm




Product Display

Dual Heads Stand Pouch Filling Machine

1:Piston driving with hopper apply for liquid and cream pouch.

2:Two nozzles

pouch filling machine


 It adopts full pneumatic piston system, easy and safe to operate, the filling capacity also can be customized .This horizontal filling machine is applicable for liquids, chemical ,cosmetic cream paste, oil,honey,washing products ,etc. 


We also have two heads paste filling machine of this kind. Please contact us if you need.

pouch filling machine

Product Details

pouch filling machine

Equipped with 45L large material hopper, it is more convenient to pour material. Multiple functions can be customized like mixing and heating. If you need it pls contact us.

The filling nozzle with anti-dripping function, ensure the filling accuracy and produation quality. It is made of 304 stainless steel. Which is meet the food grade requirement.

Hanger bracket is customized as pounch head size.


pouch filling machine
pouch filling machine

 The filling range can be adjusted according to production need.The counter make the data visual,it is easier to operate during working.

The black rotary knob is designed for adjusting the filling range, it will make it easier to operate and adjust the machine.

pouch filling machine
pouch filling machine

This machine should work with the air compressor, customers need to buy it separately. if you need this pls contact us.

pouch filling machine


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