Table Top Cosmetic Cream Single Head Filling Machine Rotor Lobe Pump


Machine power:840W

Recommend filling volume:50-5000ml

Filling accuracy:≤±1%

Bottle opening size:φ>20mm

Hopper size:30L

Working speed:10-60bottles/min(based on 250ml jam)

Machine size:About 1100*580*1110mm

Package size:About 1150*610*1120mm

NW/GW:About 60kg/90kg



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>filling thick liquid or paste like peanut bufferhoneyjamnoodle pulp
meat stuffina.tomato paste etc

>Tabletop type production speed is about 10-60bottles/min

>Filling volume and filling speed adjustment the touch screen operation

cosmetic cream filling machine

This desktop filling machine is equipped with rotor pump which is good for filling thick liquid or
paste like pepper sauce,tomato paste,curry paste,jam.It can filling material accurately and automatically,helps you improve
working efficiency.It is widely used in food,daily chemical and cosmetics industries.

cosmetic cream filling machine


Food: Hot pot seasoning, honey, jelly, jam, yogurt, cream, ice cream, eight treasure porridge, tomato paste, sesame paste, flour
paste, maltose, meat stuffing, mustard paste, mashed potatoes, bean paste, salad dressing, chocolate, yeast, butter, animal fat,

Daily chemical products: Shampoo, shampoo, shower gel, bath salts, bath milk, soap, hand cream, hand washing liquid, perfume,
sunscreen, water, nail polish, emulsion, essence oil, toothpaste, cleansing cream, essence oil, silica gel, rubbing treasure,
detergent, laundry detergent, bleach and so on.

Other categories: Poultry feed, pet ration, Vaseline, cough syrup, industrial glue, white latex, glucose, gelatin, daphnetin,
normal saline, paint, waterproof glue, etc.

cosmetic cream filling machine

Product Details

cosmetic cream filling machine

Control Panel

Can show the working datas. It will be easier to adjust and control machine for customer.
With memory function, can see the finished quantity.

Pneumatic Filling Nozzle

Pneumatic nozzle with anti dripping function, it has large power,and the pump can suck filling material back,ensures the filling accuracy.The rotary knob can be used to adjust the working height of the filling nozzle according to bottle height

cosmetic cream filling machine
cosmetic cream filling machine

Stainless Steel Hopper


The large hopper makes it easier to pour filling materials,improve working efficiency.

Bottle Sensor

Can sense the bottles and send the singal back to the system, make sure machine filling accrately and not miss any bottles.

cosmetic cream filling machine
cosmetic cream filling machine


Transfer bottles and fill liquid automatically, can greatly improve production efficiency, saving labor cost

Rotor Pump

High quality rotor pump,this filling machine is a filling equipment composed of a servo motor and a cam rotor pump. The pump head is a

metering pump with a positive displacement structure. The displacement per revolution is a fixed value. The servo motor can accurately control the speed for metering and filling.

cosmetic cream filling machine
cosmetic cream filling machine


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