Vacuum Refill Filling Machine For Perfumes 10ml Desktop Small Cheap Liquid

Nozzles qty :4 heads

Min diameter(bottle  hole)≧4.5mm

Max diameter (bottle hole)≤20mm


Machine power:About 50W

Filling range:About 5-500ml

Filling speed:20-60 bottles/min (4 nozzles)

Machine air pressure:0.4-0.8MPa

Applicable bottle height:<200mm

Adjustable liquid surface distance:About 30mm

Machine size:About 620*315*680mm

Machine weight:33kg

Package size:680*420*840mm

Package weight:About 50kg



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perfume refill filling machine

Desktop Vacuum Refill Filling Machine For Perfumes

> It is very suitable for high foam liquid and different capacity of containers.


> filling volume is measured according to bottle level. 


This vacuum perfume filling machine is design for perfume and cosmetic products, using Vacuum Equal Liquid Level filling system, make sure perfume bottles and other cosmetics bottles on the same liquid level after filling, also suitable for filling other liquids products.

perfume refill filling machine

Technology Parameters:

  1. filling machine for perfumes adopt fully pneumatic control so it is very suitable forthe

filling of high foam materials and different capacity of containers.


  1. perfume refill filling machine design concept of this machine which developed by our company is: through increase pressure on the filling head, vacuum generator achieves a partial sealing environment in the re flow liquid bottle and filling container. Thus generate a partial vacuum (negative pressure).through vacuum suction to achieve filling process.

C.This Vacuum Refill Filling Machine For Perfumes 10ml Desktop Small Cheap Liquid is an

ideal type machine which can reach the ideal filling speed and effect after practical

commissioning the machine as according to size of the filling container.

Product Details

vacuum perfume filling machine simple operation panel,it can control the working parameter easily.It is no need to training operator.We can customize different kinds of languages according to operation needs.

4 head filling nozzes

filling machine for perfumes filling nozzles diameter is 1.5mm,which is use the vacuum constant liquid-level working principle,fill liquid accurately. If the liquid level is over the position that marked by red line,the machine will suck the extra liquid and make it back flow to the material container.There is a spring for each nozzle,that can prevent the bottle from breaking due to larger air pressure.

perfume refill filling machine

Cylinder filling

perfume refill filling machine is safe and electricity saving with low filling noise.

The parts and table surface that contact the materials are all made of  304 stainless steel, cylinder can be used to contain flowed back liquid.Ensures the filling accuracy.

vacuum perfume filling machine bottle sensor

The yellow sensor will sense the bottle and automatic filling, each nozzle can be controlled to fill liquid when the electric eye receives and sends out signal to the system.The white bottle fixing component can help to fix bottles when the machine start to work,prevent the bottle from falling down.

perfume refill filling machine

With barmeter which can help you check the air pressure in all the real time. Customer can adjust the air pressure as their need. Pls notice that you need to buy the air compressor separately.

perfume refill filling machine


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