PVC Adhesive Glue Solution

PVC Adhesive Glue Solution
PVC Adhesive Glue Solution

UPVC water piep bonding Non-toxic adhesive used for UPVC water pipe connection and bonding ,CPVC pipe cement is strong adhesion and corrosion resistance,  If you are filling not free flowing products, such as, paste sauce,cream, the servo piston filling is by far the easiest and most cost-effective solution. This jar filling machine apply for Chemical Industrial PVC CPVC Adhesive Glue as below video. 

As video filling line witth Bottle Unscrambler automatic 4 head servo filling machine

Cap feeding vibratory and automatic capping machine

Filling Machine Key Benefits:

1:Servo motor driving with high filling precision

2:304/316 stainless steel

3:Multi head can do as different capacity

6:Anti-dripping piston filling nozzles

7: Equipped with piston feeding pump,it can feed filling material automatically 


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