USA Canada customer bought Essential Oil Perfume Filling and Capping Machine for Hanging Car Glass Diffuser Bottle


USA Canada customer bought Essential Oil Perfume Filling and Capping Machine for Hanging Car Glass Diffuser Bottle

Our new customers from Canada placed the order on : TRFM-DC Turntable Type Air Freshener Hanging Car Glass Diffuser Bottle Essential Oil Perfume Filling and Capping Machine

Filling and Capping Machine

For the products produced by customers, we must understand their bottle packaging details, including bottle capacity and other related sizes and shapes, so that the machine and customers’ products can get the best compatibility and adaptability.

After we confirm details, we take 30 days to finish the machine and finish taking adjusting videos to help customers how to operate the machines.
As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between TOPCN Purchased order issued &Key communiction points During Business Discussion:

basically will be like the machine in the video,but add inner cap feed and press, and the

Customer with some questions before order the machine

1.Can you modify this machine to do square bottles?
–Yes, the rotary star can do square bottles
2.How to clean the machine from the fragrance oil
–As peristaltic pump filling station, liquid not go through the pump, just change the tube.
3. What is the quantity production/1h
–800-1000pcs per hour
4. Can we manually adjust max torque force for screwing mechanism?
–we can make the machine to use two claw to do the capping screw caping and use servo motor to control the torsion force
5. Can you control liquid quantity 5ml,6ml,10ml?
–Yes, time setting 5ml, 6ml 10ml or other liquid quantity
6.Do you have finish tray after screwing the bottles? or Do we have to manually take it out of the drum? (Finish Cover)
–Yes, machine with steel finish tray after screw the bottle,which the tray also can connect with bottle machine.
7. Will it be made for 110V?
—Yes, machine can be made for 110V
8:Can you do this machine without compressor?
–that it is not possible to make the machine without the air compressor.
9:So how many wood, bottles and plastic caps do you need for test?
— 30bottles, 200pcs caps and 200pcs wood
10:Is it possible to add the rope to the cap before it is being screwed in?
–sorry , can not. Because the rops will be stuck in the vibration bowl for cap feeding

After get the bottle samples, we test and shows the video to customer

Here below is customer transaction data 

Testing videos and pictures on model TRFM-DC :

filling station–>inner cap feeder station–>inner cap press station–> feeding outter cap–> outter cap screw up station

since customer cap is square, there is technical difficulty to put the cap and bottles are all in same direction for screw capping,then we screw same round times to make sure the cap is exactly screw on correct position.  we asked customer  if there is any mark or number at the bottom of the cap for us to be able to positioning the bottle.

As  the size of all the glass is slightly different , we suggest customer adjust spacing in about 0.1m or 0.2 its should be okey

Customer order desktop automatic flat labeling machine after the filling and capping machine

As video the label size is 2*2cm

Finished perfume filling and capping machine video list document before shipping.

Filling head


Machine power

Total 1KW

Filling system

Peristaltic pump, plunger pump, piston pump, ceramic pump

Bottle diameter


Filling range

≤100ml(accept customize)

Bottle height

≤120mm(Can customize for higher bottles)

Size of filling nozzle

OD 6mm

Working speed


Machine size


Machine weight

About 150kg

Package size



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