What are the advantages of small automatic bottle filling capping and labeling machine

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Bottle filling capping and labeling machine are widely used for filling various liquids, mainly because of their advantages:

  1. Wide application

The automatic filling line can be used to fill a variety of liquids, including lotion, nursing liquid, oral liquid, disinfectant, eye wash liquid, nutrient liquid, liquor, injection, pesticide, medicine.For the filling of medicine, perfume, edible oil, lubricating oil and liquid in special industries, just adjust the machine according to the product model, and then fill.

  1. Easy to operate

automatic liquid filling line does not need special technical training, but only needs training on safe use and understanding the instructions. During operation, press the start button, the machine can automatically filling capping and labeling.

  1. Convenient maintenance

The maintenance of the liquid filling machine is very simple. People who understand the packaging machinery can repair it, and the maintenance is relatively simple and not troublesome.

  1. Lower price

automatic liquid filling line is a kind of mechanical equipment with cost-effective. Large or small manufacturers can use automatic filling line, which will save your labor cost and improve produciton speed.

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FAQ:What differences of peristaltic pump, magnetic pump and diaphragm pump?

1: magnetic pump materail is stainless steel, It is suitable for various corrosive low viscosity and non-particulate and hot liquids.

2:Peristaltic pump liquid not go through the pump, customer only need change the tubes for different favor material. This machine also can be used to filling corrosive liquid (change the standard tube into fluorine rubber tube), It is suitable for perfume, ink, E-liquid, solvents, juice(50%), essential oil

3: Diaphragm pump chamber is separated from the motor, the liquid will not permeated into the motor when you use if for a long time, which greatly prolong the lift of the pump. it is good for medium or low viscosity liquid not strong corrosion liquid, such as disinfectant, edible oil, fruit juice, cosmetic perfume etc.

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