What Is a Perfume Filling Machine? Where Should We Buy It?

About Product

As the name suggests, the automatic or semi-automatic machine responsible for filling liquids in pouches, bottles, or cans is known as the filling machine. Various types of filling machines utilize various methods for filling. A vacuum filling machine adopts fully pneumatic control so it is very suitable for filling high foam materials and different capacities of containers.

If you want to buy any filling and associated equipment, you should contact us. Our company (Guangzhou TOPCN Machinery Co., Ltd) is a professional manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of filling products across the globe. Our company is the superior company that has accumulated rich experience in the field of filling equipment and has a number of mature technologies. Such filling machines are a crucial part of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries.

Our catalog of filling machines consists of various machines, each equipped with different features. A brief introduction to our vacuum filling machine is hereunder:

The design concept of the vacuum filling machine developed by our company is: through increased pressure on the filling head, the vacuum generator achieves a partial sealing environment in the reflow liquid bottle and filling container. Thus generate a partial vacuum (negative pressure).through vacuum suction to achieve the filling process.

A vacuum filling machine is an ideal type of machine which can reach the ideal filling speed and effect after practical commissioning the machine according to the size of the filling container. This type of filling machine is designed explicitly for perfume and cosmetic products.

The vacuum filling machine’s most critical parts are the suction pipe, filling nozzle adjustment, material cylinder, air valve, and filling nozzles. Filling nozzles are designed into double layers, made of stainless steel 316, filling and recycling at the same time. The diameter of such nozzles is approximately 1.5 mm. The filling head has two pipes, one for filling and another for returning perfume liquid, it will make sure all liquid bottles are at the same level after filling.

It is safe and electricity saving with low filling noise. The parts and table surface that contact the materials are all made of  304 stainless steel. Footswitch control saves labor and improves working efficiency Also, the pedal is made of good-quality stainless steel.

The takeaway:

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