When is Chinese New Year 2023

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People away from home have come back from all sides to get together with their relatives. People who have been busy for a year have stopped to enjoy the results of their work. It is easy to put down the tension of the first semester of junior high school, and my mood is also very happy.

On the thirty, every family was hung with red lanterns and red China knot, paste the full of hopes and blessings of the antithetical couplet symbol New Year paintings, everywhere-filled with joy.Remember the Spring Festival, not the rain or snow, sometimes the frozen people shrink and shrink their hands.This week, God’s smile, we can taste the warm warm day, relax in the sun, and even shows several niujin.

“The adult is looking forward to the field, the child is looking forward to the year”.The words are not false. The new year is the most happy when a child! That year, my father bought me a lot of fireworks, my mother bought a new pair of basketball shoes for my uncle,sent a skateboard to me, grandma also secretly honestly gift money to me, the best new year still can enjoy the play. Show the nature of his childhood.

In this sound and laughter, time flies silently.”Five, four, three, two, one, zero! TV bell sound and put us into the new year. Suddenly, countless fireworks like a blossoming flowers bloom in the air a riot of colors, the sporadic streamer seemed to the city and village and all things for the baptism of the spring, also gives us a good omen! ln the blink of an eye, the spring Festival holiday will be full, in retrospect, l have to sincerely lamented:! Really happy new year!

The Spring Festival, we want to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, “f” word, want to-wear new clothes…These are the custom of the Chinese New Year when, but l, activity is very like to do the job.

How to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, let me to teach you: should be prepared to stick couplets on the Spring Festival first paste or tape and measure.To use feet measured standard, otherwise stick couplets on the Spring Festival will be an oblique, asymmetry. After good standard amount, began to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, the pulp first confused on the Spring Festival couplet, stick Spring Festival couplets on the door again, to a good standard, with respect to ok. ln fact, as long as the heart, also pretty simple.


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